Top 10 Satiric Misspellings

A satiric misspelling is when the name of a company or organisation is purposely misspelt for added emphasis. A common example of this is replacing letters with currency symbols to indicate greed or corruption.

The Top Ten

1 App£e

Apple love to sell mediocre gadgets for more than they're worth. Apple fanboys are just too blind to see this, go get an Android phone, they're better in just about every way! - Cazaam

2 Micro$oft

Microsoft are probably one of the most capitalistic corporations in existence. All they care about is turning a profit. They don't care about pleasing their customers, it's all about the money, money, money. - Cazaam

3 Republikkkan

A term for a Republican or the party as a whole. Often used when the party discriminates against colour or ethnicity.
The KKK stands for the Klu Klux Klan which are the posterboys for racism in the USA. - Cazaam

4 Debtroit

A satiric term for Detroit. The city filed for bankruptcy in mid 2013 due to massive financial decline the city is in. Still yet to recover, the city is still a mess of crime... Where's RoboCop when you need him? - Cazaam

5 Amerikkka

Similar to "Republikkkan, but this is for the whole of the USA. - Cazaam

6 Shottingham

I've been hard on the Americans for the last few entries into this list so I will pick on something around my neighbourhood. An infamous name that English people call Nottingham. Nottingham has the highest rate of gun crime in the whole of Great Britain. The city is improving now so maybe this is a thing of the recent past. - Cazaam

7 Demokkkrat

Hey Republicans, you can get back at the Democrats with this! - Cazaam

8 Cashio

For Casio. They can be a bit pricy and there may be a better choice. - Cazaam

9 Evercrack

A pun on Everquest. The idea that the game can be incredibly addictive. - Cazaam

10 Viac***

A term for Viacom. Many YouTube users have had their videos taken down for "copyright violations" even though they may haven't even infringed on anything. - Cazaam

The Contenders

11 Censors***
12 Linsux
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