Top Ten Satirical Reasons Why Atheists are Demonic

This Is Satire. Please Do Not Get Mad, My Atheist, Agnostic, And Non-Religious Friends.

The Top Ten

1 We Eat Babies

Hey, they're not wrong. I enjoy them as an evening snack. - SoldierOfFortune

This Is Satire - ARandomPerson

2 We Worship Lucifer

This Is Satire. - ARandomPerson

3 We Have No Morals

This Is Satire

If a God telling you not to murder, steal, and lie, there not morals. There instructions.
But atheists have to make up our own morals. Think about it. Peace From - ARandomPerson

4 We Hate God

This Is- Oh You Know What It Is! - ARandomPerson

5 We Love to Kill People

Refer you to item 7, or, alternatively, the chronicle of 20th-century genocide.

I don't understand where you are basing that argument off of. Of course it can, especially if there are people who do believe in unicorns around you. Here's the thing: Un-belief is ultimately a belief. Just like refusing to make a decision in a tense situation is still making a decision. You "believe" that God doesn't exist, and that belief is just as capable of leading you to do morally incorrect as a religious belief is. - GrimmShady

6 We are Friends with Demons
7 We are All Stalin

"Or at least smarter than you realize." Rarely has there been such an exhibitionistic display of sheer lack of self-awareness on this site.

And rarely has there been such amounts of words in a coffin under 5 feet of cement - ARandomPerson

Or at Least. smarter than you to realize God is abusive. - ARandomPerson

No. Some of you are Marx. Some are Robespierre. Some are Lenin. Some are Khrushchev. Some are Mao. Some are Castro. Some are Che. Some are Pol Pot. See a pattern, here?

And some of us are smarter than the person who wrote the comment below me.
This is a satire, you idiots. It's not supposed to mean what it says so. - ARandomPerson

8 We Know, in Our Hearts, that Christians are Right
9 We Think Jesus is Evil
10 We Hate This List Because It's True

Yup. Still satire. - ARandomPerson

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