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1 Gustavo Fring Gustavo Fring Gustavo "Gus" Fring is a fictional character and a prominent antagonist in the television series Breaking Bad by Vince Gilligan.

He needed to die, considering he put Walt and his family at risk. However, he is sympathetic to a degree, so because of that, not exactly the most satisfying death to me (The Season 5 antagonists were morally worse). - CrimsonShark

2 Todd Alquist Todd Alquist

This one stings as much as it is satisfying. For one, Todd was an antithesis of Jesse Pinkman. Todd looked up to Walter White in his Heisenberg persona, whereas Jesse (Who before Season 5 was Walt's most trusted and important ally) was becoming more distant and eventually grew to hate Wait due to his increasingly volatile and intimidating control over Jesse's decisions and how he is responsible for a lot of Jesse's tragedies. Furthermore, Jesse adores children and does his best not to have any involved in his business life, while Todd outright kills a kid in front of Walt, Mike and Jesse. Not to mention Jesse's rebellious nature, in contrast to how willing Todd is to follow Walt and Jack's orders.

If killing a child wasn't enough, Todd tortures Jesse after Hank dies, and as a severe punishment, he kills Jesse's girlfriend Andrea while he helplessly watches, and then threatens to kill Andrea's son Brock the next time Jesse tries to disobey orders.

With all that said, how ...more - CrimsonShark

3 Jack Welker Jack Welker
4 Tuco Salamanca Tuco Salamanca
5 Don Eladio Don Eladio
6 Leonel Salamanca Leonel Salamanca
7 Marco Salamanca Marco Salamanca
8 Lydia Rodarte-Quayle Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
9 Krazy-8 Krazy-8
10 Tyrus Kitt Tyrus Kitt

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11 Hector Salamanca
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