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1 Cowbell Sketch

Oh come on! Both Scheaty Balls and Cowbell beat out that Wayne's World sketch.
"I have a fever. And the only prescription, is for MORE COWBELL! " - corebare32

"I got a fever, and the only perscription is more cowbell".

MORE COWBELL! I laugh just thinking about it. Christopher Walken is so hilarious with his almost deadpan face, and Will Ferrell's shirt is crazy beyond description.

So, let’s take it again. And Gene, really explore the studio space this time. - railfan99

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2 Chris Farley Auditions for Chippendales
3 Schweaty Balls

I've got to admit for the midterm cast of SNL this was stuff legends are made of and highly reminiscent of the first 5 seasons. On the edge just waiting for the NBC censors to pull the plug. Always funny. - mgenet

This actually wasn't funny. - JCchrom3

Not that funny.

4 Mick Jagger Karaoke
5 Wake Up and Smile
6 Wayne's World with Aerosmith
7 The Californians
8 Motivational Speaker Matt Foley Sketch w/ Christina Applegate

This is one of the greatest SNL skits of all time - JCchrom3

9 Phil Hartman sings goodbye to Chris Farley on Hartman's last show
10 Joe Piscopo and Eddie Murphy duet as Frank Sinatra and Stevie Wonder

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11 Tough as Nails
12 Rudy Giuliani introduces first episode after 9/11
13 Peyton Manning United Way Commercial

How do you not laugh while watching this? Greatest sports-icon-turned-host in SNL history.

Once you watch this skit you will never forget it! I wasnt sure scrolling through this list but once I saw this I knew which one to vote for. Peyton Manning shows his wicked side in HILARIOUS fashion.

14 Coffee Talk Crashed by Barbra Streisand
15 Sean Penn Punches the Church Lady
16 Mr. Robinson
17 James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub Party
18 The Hanukkah Song

This is funny, but MacGruber should be on here.

19 The Barry Gibb Talk Show
20 The Coneheads
21 More Cowbell
22 The Blues Brothers
23 Red Ships of Spain
24 The Lost It's A Wonderful Life Ending

I wish the it's a Wonderful Life movie really ended this way!

25 Canteen Boy with Alec Baldwin
26 The Ambiguously Gay Duo Work Out at the Gym
27 The Roxbury Guys (Chris Kattan & Will Ferrell)

The Roxbury Guys was the best

28 Deter's Dream on Sprockets
29 Landshark
30 Tom Hanks and Jon Lovitz try to pick up woman.
31 Makin' Copies!
32 Massive Head Wound Harry
33 I Wish It Was Christmas Today Song With Jimmy Fallon
34 Hot Tub Lovers

Off in the distance, we heard the pounding of native drums. Was it in our minds? We don't know.

35 Farewell Mr. Bunting

This was to funny, when that kids head was chopped off by the fan
It was unexpected
But. Hilarious

36 2016 Presidential Debates

Alec Bladwin is so perfect as Trump, you almost overlook how good Kate McKinnon is as Clinton.

37 Haunted Elevator (ft. David S. Pumpkins)

"Who are you? "
"I'm David Pumpkins! "
"Yeah, and David Pumpkins is? "
"His own thing! "
"And the skeletons are..? "
"Part of it! "
(Cue funky music)
Lol I just physically can't! At first I thought this skit was stupid but then Tom Hanks' face and just the all around ridiculousness of it pulled me in. - NerdBunny

38 Dysfunctional Family Feud
39 Micheal Jordan on the Stewart Smally Show
40 Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute
41 Dan Ackroyd as Julia Childs Cuts Finger
42 Woodrow Meets Brittany Spears
43 Mr. Robinson's Nieghborhood. (First Sketch)
44 Martin Short as Ed Grimly practices the triangle
45 Tiger Woods Press Conference On The Situation Room.
46 Will Ferrell as Harry Carey on Weekend Update.
47 Cooking with the Anal Retentive Chef
48 Will Ferrell as Robert Goulet Sings With His Brothers
49 Puppet Class: Anthony Peter Coleman
50 Red Flag with Kristen Wiig
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1. More Cowbell
2. Mr. Robinson
3. James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub Party
1. Chris Farley Auditions for Chippendales
2. Cowbell Sketch
3. Schweaty Balls
1. Chris Farley Auditions for Chippendales
2. Cowbell Sketch
3. Mick Jagger Karaoke


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