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Savoir Adore it's a Pop/Rock duo formed in Brooklyn, New York and originally composed by Paul Hammer y Deidre Muro ...Fundation year (2007)

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1 Dreamers

Won't you come here?
You know the way
It's the one you made, oh oh
Built it in the sky,
All that's in your eye
Now not the same
Watch it tumble down
Falling all around, around
Can you stand watching it undo
All that's made of you?
You can stay where you are
I will wake you
I will wake you in the morning (in the morning)
You can stay where you are
So don't you worry
Don't you worry, keep on sleeping

I heard this song yesterday, and it was a beautiful experience.

So powerfuly but criminally underrated song too

Great song it beautifuly good

2 Loveliest Creature

The loveliest song from Savoir Adore on my opinion.

3 Imagination
4 Empire of Light
5 Beating Hearts
6 Anywhere You Go
7 Cinema

I don't think this song works really good on the se7en possition, I think it is the clearest 1st - CedreticFomento

One of the best songs !ever and ever!

8 Sea of Gold
9 Sparrow

Spectacular song. it should be number 1 subjectively, just listen the wonder it has!

This is the best song delivered by savoir adore

So beautiful definitely!

This song so beautiful.

10 Regalia
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