Plot Holes in Saw 1 and 2

(Spoilers warning)

I've seen the first four Saw movies and in my opinion, they were really good and I've never thought that a horror movie sequel would be anywhere near as good as the original. However, as much as I love the franchise, there were a few things I couldn't help noticing a few things.

In Saw 1, two men, Lawrence and Adam wake up chained to opposite ends of a filthy bathroom. Towards the end, Lawrence needs to get to a phone that is ringing a few meters away from him. He tries to reach for it but it's out of reach. Panicking, he grabs a box and tries to use that to grab it. The box is only an inch too short. He then picks up the saw which is about double the length of the box. Surely it would be long enough to reach the phone but instead he decides to cut off his foot so that he'll be free from the chain. I understand how he may not have been thinking straight in a situation like that but that doesn't explain what happened next. He saws his foot off but instead of crawling to the phone, he reaches for the gun in the center of the room and attempts to kill Adam which is what he was assigned to do. But what happened to the phone? It seemed to have just disappeared...

Now for the next thing. Saw 2 was great and had some really tense scenes but there was just one thing I noticed. Seven people wake up in a room. They find out that they're are breathing in deadly gas and have only two hours to find an antidote. Jigsaw tells them that in order to escape, they need to figure out the code. He tells them that the numbers are in the back of their mind and the order is the colours of the rainbow. A few people die but finally Xavier figures out what it means. Each person has a number written on the back of their neck each in a different colour. Xavier goes around and looks at everyone's number. He finds out the numbers from three people. For some reason, Amander and Daniel refuse to tell him what his number is. Not being able to find a clean mirror, Xavier uses a knife to slice off the skin on the back of his neck. But then Amander kills him when he tries to find out their numbers. Here's the thing: even if Xavier had gotten their numbers, that would only be six. Because the seventh person, Obi was burned to a pile of bones and ashes. I don't know, maybe that was all part of Jigsaw's plan.

I hope you enjoyed. I enjoyed writing this. There are a few other things wrong with Saw but these were the main things.


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