Top 10 Scariest Animated Children's Movies


The Top Ten

1 Paranorman
2 Monster House

I prefer this as awesome instead of scary, but yes, it may be scary somewhat. - tent2

3 Casper
4 Frankenweenie
5 Scooby-Doo On Zombie Island
6 Coraline
7 Watership Down

This should be number 1! It has blood and violence kids should not see. It's not a kids movie, don't let your kids see this

Scariest film on this list along with the secret of NIMB

8 Where the Dead Go to Die

Not for kids. - Trollsfan536

9 Foodfight!

The only good thing about this movie is that it can scare people away from eating Twinkies (seriously is saving Hostess from closing down more important than saving the earth? )

That movie was so terrible I had nightmares... - DapperPickle

10 Felidae

This film's for adults. Not for kids.

The Contenders

11 The Secret of NIMH
12 Pinocchio
13 Disney's a Christmas Carol
14 Inside Out

How is this scary? It's a really great movie!

15 The Land Before Time
16 All Dogs Go to Heaven
17 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Not scary at all.

18 Ringing Bell
19 Animal Farm - George Orwell
20 Clifford's Really Big Movie

This is not scary!

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