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21 Phantom Freddy

H-He Has No Pupils... And he Sometimes Says ItS Meee. It's so Creepy Kept Me Awake For 12 Hours

Not that scary cause he is easy to ebade just pull up the cameras and my cosin noticed the way he walks across the window thing... Its just weird

M-my most favorite, and most scariest animatronic I ever known. The way he designed him, its like a Golden Freddy with an endoskeleton. But with a missing leg. And the way he walks through the hall with sound echoing, it just...give me shivers. Weird/Creepy is a way you can describe him, but it just makes him more epic!. I still want to give him a hug even though he look creepy. :3

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22 Phantom Chica

It isn't Chica herself that scares me, its that face that appears on the arcade game console that really scares me.

If I had to choose a Chica that is some what scary, I'd choose Phantom Chica since in Fnaf 3, the hallucinations are the scariest things in the game. Still, she's pretty crap because all the chicks are crap.

Chica is so scary because of how the camera goes down fast and pow!
a ugly fat duck who looks like it has piles of blood dripping down her face its horrifying!

23 Withered Freddy

He bites at your face... I guess if you were actually there as the night guard and not just playing a game where you are a night guard, he'd be scary... I'm not sure

Is it just me or does withered Freddy look exactly the same as the original with a few scars?

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24 Toy Bonnie Toy Bonnie

Think of the cutest thing in your childhood. A pet hamster, a teddy bear, your baby cousin... Now imagine them coming to life and trying to turn your veins into guitar strings. Now you see why Toy Bonnie's on this list?

Just... Look... Stare for ten minutes and tell me he isn't SCARY AS CRAP! - EchoTheKiller

He's kind cute, maybe even girly. He's a bit creepy, but nowhere near as creepy as old Bonnie.

He is my BABE.And when I mean babe I MEAN BABE! And his jump scare just says " I AM HOME HUG ME! "

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25 Nightmare Nightmare

Nightmare looks like a mix of shadow Freddy and shadow Bonnie with the body of golden Freddy

He is the " not so nice versing of Fred bear

Why did scott make this...

What?! Nightmare is the scariest animatronic in FNaF! It is scarier than Nightmare Fredbear, Bonnie and even The Puppet! He should be in the top! Nightmare is on the cover of the book Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Twisted ones.

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26 Plushtrap Plushtrap

He's a version of chucky, I mean, hand him a knife and it would be complete

Plushtrap scares me. I'm like! Even though plush trap may be cute but he is so scary

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27 Nightmare Bonnie Nightmare Bonnie

He is very scary and sometimes he doesn't breath at all

The animatronic that kills me the most... I one was at the door, and I didn't hear breathing, so I shone the light, and just as I shone it Bonnie started breathing and killed me. I had my volume very high as well.

sum times

How the heck does nitemare bunnie even breath does he have lungs or sumthing

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28 Ennard Ennard

Ennard is quite a scary character, especially based on the fact that he uses manipulation and impersonation so frequently to lure you into a false sense of security while he manipulates other animatronics. He is an amalgamation of everything bad and scary, and wants revenge and to escape. - SwiftFox777

It would make a better nightmare with a few changes because it did gave me so scared that I can't even stay outside in day light

Mad scary and it's ending gave me nightmares.

I don't know why, but Ennard never really scared me. I guess it's because I find his nose cute?
I really have no idea.

(The only thing scary about him is that he follows you home and he's hard to beat)

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29 Withered Golden Freddy

Maybe it's the Golden Freddy in the second game.

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30 Eyeless Bonnie

If you see this rare start up or game over screen happen. Your heart will go so fast

This one actually scares me. Luckily, it's rare, and it's just an Easter Egg. Eyeless Bonnie is the normal Bonnie(you know, the less weird looking ones, purple fur), but has black eyes, that cover some parts other then his face.

Yep I always listen to slipknot eyes while playing this and I see eyeless bonnie well guess what you can't see California without marlon brandos eyes

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31 Ballora Ballora

It's so scary when you crawl through the ballora gallery and when you see the light of the door you see ballora's legs go past. Oh, and her jumpscare is pretty terrifying as well.

Probably the creepiest she littaeraly creeps the @&$&$#%out of me


32 Circus Baby Circus Baby

He destroyed other animatronics and killed night guard to kill more and more as purple guy

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33 Nightmare Golden Freddy

Seriously why is he not in the list
He a fast basterd and he will get you no matter what
Have you seen him

He scare the living hell out of me.
his death screen, and jumscare freaks me out.
. He comes out of nowhere
.you need to close the door as soon as you see him
.I am so scared of him, I do go in my basement AT ALL...!

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34 Golden Bonnie

I actually think this dude is cute. Why? Search up "Golden Bonnie," and look at the first photo. He's adorable! I mean, his Heidi's barely off his's just ' adorable. Love you, Springy!

Oh jeez the twitching! His smile freaks the life outta me!

He is so creepy with that face mangle dose not scare me mangle is my homey

Springtrap was really creepy to me... probably because I'm not accustomed to FNaF3 mechanics :P

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35 Funtime Foxy Funtime Foxy

She (just triggered a bunch of people) is the only one that actually scared the living daylights out of me. That opera singing bastard is terrifying! Oh and she said girls can wear bow ties. Just to let you know.

36 NightMarionne NightMarionne

This thing is scary as heck. I'm surprised he's not higher on the list. He scares me the most!

Dude this guy creepy as heck just look at his body

Nightmarionne has that grin that says: GOODBYE SUCKER.

NightMarionne. First time I saw him I was like HA HA NOPE! Had nighmares for a while.

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37 Nightmare Mangle Nightmare Mangle
38 Shadow Bonnie Shadow Bonnie

Shadow Bonnie is the scariest for me because of the lack of defining facial and bodily features. I mean, she only has eyes and a mouth, which are colored bright white (lots of contrast). When you're looking around in a dark place, she can appear ANYWHERE.

In five nights at Freddy's 3 if you are playing on a iPhone once you finish the fourth night you play as shadow Bonnie and when you move you twitch which freaked me out so bad

The only one who has ever given me nightmares!

This thing is scary. I mean, it just crashes your game when it disappears.
(No jumpscares.) What is the truth of this thing? oOShadowbonnieOo
is a mystery.

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39 Funtime Freddy Funtime Freddy V 1 Comment
40 Nightmare Cupcake (FNAF 4)

It's actually hilarious- the Bite victims is afraid of a cupcake.

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