Scariest Attractions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This list is about scary attractions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Top Ten

1 Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

Pretty scary but insanely fun! - harrypotter1

Big coaster that goes backward during part of the ride (though many 5-6 year olds will meet the 44” height requirement, it’s too intense for many of them).
The theme of the Yeti is scary. - Gregory

2 Dinosaur

Rough dark ride where dinosaurs suddenly appear and make very loud dinosaur noises. - Gregory

3 It’s Tough to be a Bug

Dark theater, bugs dropping from the ceiling, seat movements that feel like bugs crawling.
Inspired by a Bug’s Life, it’s an attraction that’ll scare the bajeebees out of people. - Gregory

4 Avatar Flight of Passage Avatar Flight of Passage

Riders are strapped in onto individual seats, making it harder to offer much comfort (yet you have to deal with heights).
The ride simulates falling and the feeling is very realistic and may be too intense for some. - Gregory

5 Primeval Whirl Primeval Whirl

This roller coaster has very sharp turns, tossing riders from side to side, and the vehicles spin, making it harder to see which way you’re going and more disorienting (Plus this ride has a 48” height requirement, so very little ones won’t be tall enough to ride anyway). - Gregory

6 Kilimanjaro Safaris (1998-2016 Version) Kilimanjaro Safaris (1998-2016 Version)

I went on this in 2006 and I found it very boring

Dude! I don't think I've been on the but an alligator attack! Bro I'm flipped.

From 1998 to 2016, there was a part where you would go over a “loose” bridge and almost fall into an alligator and crocodile river.
Due to the alligator attack in June 2016, Disney “tightened” the bridge and now the ride is no longer scary. - Gregory

7 Kali River Rapids

Riders sit on spinning rafts as they go through rough waves and a drop, leaving them soaked. - Gregory

8 TriceraTop Spin

Besides being Dino themed, on one of the seats, the triceratops at the top is staring down at you, making you suspect something weird is about to happen. - Gregory

9 Na’vi River Journey Na’vi River Journey

On the list since it requires 10 items on the list.
But although this is a relaxing boat ride through the beautiful lush world of Pandora, part of the ride is in darkness. - Gregory

10 The Tree of Life

How is a giant tree scary?

Put on here because of the number requirement, and yet it’s the home of It’s Tough to be a Bug. - Gregory

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