Scariest Attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This is a list about scary attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
Past and present included.

The Top Ten

1 The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, also known as Tower of Terror, is an accelerated drop tower dark ride located at Disney's Hollywood Studios, Tokyo DisneySea, Walt Disney Studios Park, and formerly located at Disney California Adventure Park. Except for the Tokyo DisneySea version, the attractions more.

It’s the iconic ride towering over Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
It’s the tallest attraction at Disney World, along with Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and it features a sequence of drops, and it’s all randomized so that no 2 rides are ever the same.
Aside from the drops, the Twilight Zone imagery that riders see before the drops can be scary (this ride only has a 40” height requirement so many little ones will be able to ride). - Gregory

2 Rock N’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

You launch from 0 to 57 mph in 2.8 seconds and go through a rollover loop and a corkscrew.
It’s the only ride at Disney World to include inversions, and it’s happening all in the dark along with loud music from Aerosmith blasting in your ears, making this ride too intense for many children as well as adults (there’s a 48” height requirement, so little ones will not be tall enough to ride anyway).
If you’re scared of roller coasters, then you should probably avoid it. - Gregory

3 Star Tours: The Adventure Continues

It doesn't scare me - Maddox121

It simulates wild motion throughout the ride with simulated turns and drops along with Star Wars battles, making this ride a little intense for some. - Gregory

4 Slinky Dog Dash

It’s a roller coaster at the new Toy Story Land, and it’s pretty fast for a family coaster and is somewhat tall and has open heights as well as 2 launches, all of which can take kids by surprise.
Though the scariest part is waiting in the hot, and mostly shadeless line. - Gregory

5 Star Wars Launch Bay

It features Kylo Ren, and while most character meet and greets involve friendly characters, Kylo Ren stays true to his movie persona, which may be a little intense for both little ones and adults. - Gregory

6 Millenium Falcon

A new simulator ride that’ll open when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is around, and it’s expected to be a wild flight across the Galaxy, with different adventures expected to occur, like with Star Tours. - Gregory

7 Fantasmic

Disney Villains play a part in the show, which scares some kids. - Gregory

8 Voyage to the Little Mermaid

The Ursula character in this show scares some little ones. - Gregory

9 The Great Movie Ride (1989-2017)

One of the most famous attractions from 1989 to 2017.
As for scariness, there was a shootout partway throughout the ride, and the “bad guy” jumped aboard your vehicle.
Also let’s not forget the Alien scene. - Gregory

10 Toy Story Midway Mania

It's not really scary for non-motion sick people. Come on, It's only the Heroes of Toy Story, not even the villains are in this ride. - Maddox121

I put it on here because of the number issue and that some people have problems with it, as the cars spin out of control, aggravating motion sickness. - Gregory

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