Scariest Attractions at Epcot

This is a list of scary attractions at Epcot.
Past and present included.

The Top Ten

1 Mission: SPACE Mission: SPACE

For huge thrill seekers, this ride won't be too scary but anyone else will scream their pants off.

This is not scary

Guests are harnessed and the simulation includes feeling g-forces and a semi-rough Ride through space.
Plus, the ride has injured 194 people from June 2005 to June 2006, and it was the ride a 4-year-old died after riding. - Gregory

2 The Sum of All Thrills (2009-2016)

It was a motion simulator where guests could make and customize their own simulated thrill rides and simulate them.
The vehicle made its own motions to simulate what it’s like to ride any roller coaster. - Gregory

3 Soarin' Around The World Soarin' Around The World

The initial rise of the whole structure is surprising and the feeling of flight can be scary.
Plus, you have to deal with heights, and if you have a problem with heights, then this is not your ride. - Gregory

4 Body Wars (1989-2007)

Although it was a simulator, it was kinda intense, and especially gross.
Flying through intestines, the bloodstream, and the mouth were all gross for many people.
It closed in 2007 - Gregory

5 The Seas with Nemo & Friends

There are some scenes in the ride which could scare some people.
Like the barracuda, Bruce, the Jellyfish, and the Blue Whale. - Gregory

6 Test Track Test Track

There’s sudden stopping and turning, plus a high speed lap around the track.
The top speed is 64.9 mph, making it the fastest ride on Disney property. - Gregory

7 Journey into Imagination with Figment Journey into Imagination with Figment

There’s a skunk scene, and an upside down room, a creepy moon face, and Figment says Imagination is a Blast, and triggers a blast. - Gregory

8 Ellen’s Energy Adventure (1996-2017)

There was a part known to have dinosaurs chasing you. - Gregory

9 Spaceship Earth Spaceship Earth

Mild ride, but it’s very dark in parts. - Gregory

10 The Circle of Life (1995-2018)

The Contenders

11 Guardians of the Galaxy

It’ll be one of the longest indoor roller coasters in the world when it opens.
It’s said it’ll also be family friendly, though I’m a bit skeptical about that, as I feel like it’ll be compared by people to Revenge of the Mummy at Universal.
And why would I ever ride it? It’s just another excuse for money, as it’s a poor movie ride. - Gregory

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