Top Ten Scariest Bio Weapons

Note I'm against bioweapons and I don't think it should be done,but the list are about a few scary pathogens could be stuffed in a missile, bomb or whatever they use transferring it.

The Top Ten

1 Anthrax

The reason anthrax is the first because it's aldredy been done and anthrax is a very deadly desease - Toucan

2 Ebola

Do You need proof of its destructive power? - Toucan

3 Bubonic Plague

It killed most of Europe and is still present in the ticks of rats - Toucan

4 Smallpox

They say it's eraducated but in some lab far away is it still being tested on? - Toucan

5 Lassa Fever

Now this ones a real killer - Toucan

6 Rice Blast

If someone cuts the food supply of a country (say rice ) well this does that - Toucan

7 Botulinum Toxin

I'm not sure if I got the spelling correct but this is a very very deadly desease - Toucan

8 Nipah Virus

This has aldredy been classified as a c type bio weapon - Toucan

9 Resistant Bacteria

Many bacteria can't be affected by antibiotics,what a candidate for bio weapons! - Toucan

10 Rinderpest

This has the power to kill most of the cattle so no more hamburgers or can also be mutated to kill something else,but what? - Toucan

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