Top 10 Scariest Courage the Cowardly Dog Episodes


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1 King Ramses' Curse King Ramses' Curse

jeez man

This is probably the shows most unforgettable episode because of it't crooning achievement of scares

King Ramses had scary looks and a freaky voice

King Ramses trooly gave me nightmares

2 Perfect

Eh, I've had more disturbing versions of the first nightmare creature in my dreams. Mostly what gets me about it is it's so unexpected, and those eyes, along with the blasted music. Otherwise it's just a weird image.

Oh, also that barracuda fish, it was alive on the table, and it was going to be eaten...

The blue festus was scarier than king Ramses but it was just one moment

This is probably the episode that has the most nightmare fuel, especially that freaky part where courage falls asleep and sees the giant alien fetus. - Thelistmaker

This episode used to give me nightmares for nights when I was a little kid. What freaked me out the most was that nightmare courage had with that giant CGI blue alien fetus. I'm 16 and it still sends shivers down my spine just seeing it.

3 Freaky Fred Freaky Fred Freaky Fred is a fictional character from the Cartoon Network animated series, Courage the Cowardly Dog.


This is most scariest this my no. 2 scary their smile like in creepypasta Jeff the killer and their eyes like murderer some spy.

Me and my brother would mock at a part we found funny from this episode back then. But that pic looks really scary - MLPFan


4 The Great Fusilli The Great Fusilli

While I don't think this one was as creepy as everyone else thinks. It did have a few unsettling moments - Spongehouse

Yeah Eustace and Muriel being turned into puppets and then Courage going insane and trying to make his life again. enough said.

Ending is propably scariest moment in T.V.! It's not just creepy, not just frightering… it's…. It's horrific! Even Freaky fred make this look like… freky fred. I think this should be numer one, not two, cause it is creepier than king ramses's Curse. Because it is scary, but not horrififc, and this episode IS Horrific. It's scarier than exorcist

5 The House of Discontent

The black and white floating head was creepy in my opinion - Spongehouse

I stopped watching Courage after seeing that spirit.

6 Courage in the Big Stinkin' City Courage in the Big Stinkin' City

This should be higher. The ending still scares the hell outta me.

That girl was terrifying. She just turns around with that face... It reminds me of Large Marge from Peewee's Big Adventure.

You mean the giant roach? yea, not scary. the little door? a little scary.

7 The Mask

Definitely! That mask was so spooky! - Spongehouse

8 Night at the Katz Motel

The first episode - Spongehouse

9 Heads of Beef Heads of Beef

How is this not in the top ten? Those pigs were so creepy! - Spongehouse

Creep me out!

The area and time in which this takes place is dark and the story itself.

10 Everyone Wants to Direct Everyone Wants to Direct

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11 The Demon in the Mattress The Demon in the Mattress

It basic that episode is scary if muriel was possessed by a demon and she become an exorcism if seem their voices like a demon.

Come on this should be top 5 of scary if muriel there possesed by a diablo the become of a monster like demon possessing and their hair was spiky like a tentacles and their body are color green look of this legion and another bedroom so scary of green like a demon roon because of their lamps if mattress are demon.

This should No.5

If terrifying Exorcist

12 The Gods Must be Goosey
13 Windmill Vandals

This should be number 1.

14 The Shadow of Courage
15 Angry Nasty People

Nasty is terrifying those like The Ring to leaving in television

Benton is coming this episode so scare unwearing glasses but mr nasty was scare too like a blue demon but eustace's clone

16 Evil Weevil
17 Pilot
18 The Quilt Club The Quilt Club
19 Hothead
20 Night of the Weremole
21 The Ball of Revenge

Not scary at all

22 Profiles in Courage
23 Mondo Magic
24 Car Broke, Phone Yes
25 Human Habitrail
26 The Remembrance of Courage
27 The Revenge of the Chicken from Outer Space
28 Rumpledkiltskin

A dwarf like creepy

29 Muriel Blows Up
30 Cabaret Courage
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1. The Great Fusilli
2. King Ramses' Curse
3. Freaky Fred
1. King Ramses' Curse
2. The House of Discontent
3. Perfect
1. The Mask
2. Perfect
3. The House of Discontent


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