Jeff The Killer

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Jeff the killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner . The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep" .


Yea, he's not the prettiest of the bunch, but he's kinda like me, misunderstood, not yet knowing what to do, scared that if he doesn't get rid of people now, they could hurt him in the future. I'm a big ball of emotions, I cry a lot, I also have a very short fuse, and when someone lites it they'll have hell to pay, so yea I guess I like him cause I understand how he feels. I cut the inside of my cheeks, although when I has braces, and said it was the wire, but I got then taken off so I have no excuse now, sure it hurt like hell, but it made me feel better, I throw knives at my wall all the time, it's fun, but I'm not allowed anywhere near knives once my dad found out, now I keep a secret one hidden. I still do these things, and I can't stop.

I love Jeff the Killer! He is absolutely amazing and while he's a cold-hearted killer, he is the way he is for a reason. I have read his story a thousand times and honestly, I can understand him losing control and beating up those bullies. Screw them! I would go insane too if my brother went to jail for something I did and yes, I would most likely go on a homicidal rampage! But really he is beautiful if you ask me. He is by far the best Creepypasta ever!

Just to say Jeff the Killer is the best he is the Creepypasta King and I love the way he killed people at night he is very cool better than any other Creepypasta even better than Slenderman the way I remember it is when he killed his mother father and brother then that's how you found Jane and killed her mother and father and her best friend she became a killer too and she wanted to get revenge on Jeff the Killer but if you read Janes story and Jeff's story you will understand why they both go together

THE FACE I TELL YOU! THE FAACE! The face is extremely terrifying, his smile goes to his cheekbone and his eyes are bloodshot and tiny! He has NOO nose! Then, in the story, he climbs through your bedroom window and whispers "Go to sleep" While smiling like the Joker but a thousand times scarier! Then he kills you! (But don't worry, it's fake)

Jeff the Killer is no doubt the best Creepypasta character there is. He is pretty realistic for a Creepypasta character. I actually relate to him and actually wish I could meet him and have a conversation before he kills me. He might have lost a fight with slender man but even after being impaled and burned alive again he walks away alive ready to kill more innocent people. He is by far the scariest character of them all.

He is the most scariest creepypasta! He has no eyelids and a cut up smile. He also climbs into your window at night, stands beside your bed and waits until you wake up and when you do wake up he smiles that creepy smile and says "Go. To. Sleep" then he kills your with his knife Jeff is the best creepypasta there is! He is also the most scariest creepypasta!

The truth behind him is a suicidal girl who was made fun of. She took a picture of herself in her closet and posted it. Without a doubt, people took the photo, Photoshopped it, and made ti into a horrific figure. Not only is Jeff mockery of a girl who is suicidal, but just more than that. It shows another extreme of bullying, taking someone's face, Photoshopping it, and making it into a horrid creature with a horrible background?! That's rude and disgusting. This creepypasta should not even exist.

Jeff the killer is the scariest character in creepy pasta that should be enough said but the reasons why are his main features the torture smile and blood shot eyes along with his knife
I am a big fanboy of creepy pasta

Yo I mean Jeff the killer I mean he's my favorite creepypasta I'm a fanboy of him I mean sometimes I imagine what happened to jeff happened to me I mean I'm kinda like him a I have awesome knife skills and I see myself every time I see a picture of beef the killer and by the way I'm using my grandma's phone so please don't judge

I think jeff the killer is the best creepypasta character because he hides in your closet waiting for you to go to sleep and then when you wake in the middle of the night struggling to sleep and then jeff says go to sleep before stabbing you constantly seriously guys jeff is the best creepypasta character

I think Jeff The Killer isn't scary... Reason--- Because he shows all the pain he's been through killing. Jeff the killer is an amazing person because he's been traumatized of when they took his brother to jail. He wants everybody to also feel the pain. So I think he is an amazing person to show off his pain

The story isn't all that scary, but it's still a good one and one of my favorites so it does deserve some credit. And it's only because of what those bullies did to him that he turned psycho killer and he does eventually regret killing the people he once loved so he's not all evil. I like Jeff The Killer a lot but I'm NOT a fangirl because I'm not obsessed with him and I DON'T go around calling him my boyfriend.

I Know some people say that a creepypasta doesn't age but jeff is not a, for example, a spirit like Ben or Sally. He was never killed so he should be in his 20's,about the age 27.because if you look up his name the news paper with the story of his family pops up

Jeff the killer is my babe I love him no, but my saliva is tantalizing when I see him or my ears catch his name. The story is awesome. And he is much awesome. His obsession with killing made me feel happy and obsession with knife too. My brother and family are afraid of What I watch on my mobile. I love blood. And killing too. He is sexy and I'm will ingrediantsbutter to make an anime about him and chainsaw charlotte. He is my love. If you check my emily WhatsApp and all this medias you will see my profile picture is about him more late...

Jeff the Killer is AWESOME but can be scary. Plus, I've been doing studies, and the Woods family exists! There's even a death report of Luke (Liu) Woods. Jeff Woods was never found and the hospital he was in after the fire... Exists. Seriously... Google it.

Jeff the Killer is by far the best. His face? The biggest smile, blood red, no eyelids or nose, white skin; SO CUTE! He climbs up your windows; any floor; and kills you while you sleep. But in the meantime, have you heard his true story? It's so sad!

Jeff the killer... I can see why people think he is the scariest! From his "incident" with the bullies at the bus stop, being threatened with knives FROM CHILDERN, to knives at a party, him being set on fire, being covered in alcohol, waking up in the hospital, no skin color, burnt eyelids, a carved smile because his mouth hurt to much because he loved how he looked, going insane, killing his family, and final, GO TO SLEEP! Scary... And awesome!

I don't like jeff the killer, in fact the picture of him was of a real life obese girl that committed suicide, its very horrific.

Jeff is VERY SCARY all because of pretty much what he does. I mean like he CLIMBS INTO YOUR WINDOW AT NIGHT WAITS FOR YOU TO WAKE UP THEN SAYS "Go to sleep" AND KILLS STABS YOU TO DEATH! So, yeah definitely the scariest of them all.

Jeff the killer is by far the scariest creepypasta there is. I mean just how crazy do you have to be to cut you mouth into a smile and cut your eyelids off that and the thought of him starring down at you as you Allen is scary

It is without doubt. The most scariest. Thing ever in the history of scary stories like tell me would you want a dude. To stand by your bed and kill you after he tells you to go back to sleep

Jeff is the only creepypasta that's actually got me addicted to creepypasta. He is creepy, but if he comes in my room at night and I see him, my best reaction would be "oh god you came! I was expecting you! " I wonder what his reaction would be

Jeff is just a attraction for fan girls. He is overrated, and not even that scary. And the "creepypasta king"? Not even close.

I'm writing my own version of him where randy is the psychotic one and Jeff see the one we all know in them mirror saying I'm your fate and he fights this mentally of course and liu is a childhood friend and future boyfriend. Liu last name in this reality is Cydial as a reprehensive of the nick name homicidal Liu

Jeff the Killer deserves to be put on top because his back story is one that basically everyone can relate to. Bullied into flames, maybe not, but at least everyone has been bullied at least one time in their life.