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21 Abounded by Disney Mickey Mouse Costume

That thing is really creepy. What could be under the costume? What we only know, is that it was abandoned by Disney... and by God - hansoharrigen

I really got the chills while reading this, I made some of my friends read it too and they also got the chills!

Gulp. I will never look at Mickey Mouse the same again

Want to see my head come off

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22 Mother's Call

Some of the scariest creepy pastas let your mind do the work, a WONDERFUL example of this is Mothers Call. I have only read it once but I get chills from just thinking about it. What was in the kitchen? Was it a kidnapper? Was it a monster? Was it a spirit? We don't know and that's why it's so scary.

Now every time my mum calls me for dinner I am suspicious...

DEFINTELY top 10 worthy. I mean a little girls hears her mother call her name. As she walks down the steps a hand reaches out of a closet and grabs her. Its her mom and she says "Don't go I heard it too." I mean that's DEFINTELY scary.

23 Seed Eater

Oh, Eyeless Jack eats your kidneys? How about the Seed Eater eats your children.

Not only does it have a creepy story, this creature is a creepy looking fellow for sure he deserves to be on it

A bird-human hybrid that feeds on children. Definitely deserves to be in the top ten.

HE'S CUTE.Still I'm a part of the creepypasta family.

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24 Ben Statue

If you play majora's mask and have read BEN DROWNED you will agree it should be in the top 10

Isn't it also known as the statue of Elegy?

BEN scared me mostly because of actual evidence on YouTube. But luckily Jadusable himself admitted it isn't real and even made a parody of it it's called hey I'm been I recommend it to you guys

Yes this is one of the scariest creepypastas the rest it's just the same murderous thing just with different stories

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25 Sally Williams

Does NO ONE know about sally?!?!?! That makes me feel bad, her story was pretty sad, knowing she was just 8 years old, I felt bad for what happend to her, I told my friend about her, and she loves sally now. If you know slender, I'm surprised you don't know sally, she is like his daughter... kinda... in a way, I hope you read sally story... please say what you think about her because I really like her

I love Sally so much, she is so adorable.

I LOVE SALLY! She is my favorite!

She's cute she's scary and something bad happend
To her she needs to be a more well knowen creepy pasta

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26 The Sandman

I kind of felt sorry for the for mr. Sandman

This dude scares the hell outta me oops ff


27 Mr. Widemouth

This story honestly gave me nightmares!

Honestly he sounds pretty stupid

I think he's kinda cute.

28 Jason the Toymaker

The fact that Jason tricks his young victims into being their friend is rather terrifying. Not only that but the fact that Jason will do just about anything to get what he wants even if it means killing an entire family. His demonic form is down right horrifying as well, since his toys also change into their demonic forms makes it even more creepy. Above all, Jason has to be one of the scariest and yet, most interesting Creepypasta characters there is.

Jason, in my opinion, is a guy who looks like you can trust. Literally. The first time I saw him I immediately added him to my Creepypasta stories due yo the way he LOOKS. I find him really attracted, like Laughing Jack, Ben Drowned, and Jeff the killer.

I love Jason the toymaker as instead of just leaving the bodies he's very creative and makes them into wax dolls and makes them a piece of art

He kills in the most creative way

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29 Masky

Deserves to be higher than 29. I mean come on in Marble Hornets he loses his friend as Tim, he suffers and more. Seriously people watch Marble Hornets you will understand

Masky is just plain awesome, nothing else to say. I like him but he'll probably kill me, not obsessed by the way

He may be in Marble hornets but he is in my top 10 I mean come on he's awesome, cool, calm and collected.

I'm a Fangirl get over it betch

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30 Clockwork

She is crazy in her own way, she is probably my favorite FEMALE characters, Jane is only crazy because of Jeff, but Clockwork is crazy on her own, and she is such a powerful character. I would really like to see more stories about her where she's NOT dating Toby, and where I could find out more about this character..

Clockwork is my favourite character because she has a very reasonably story she has one of the most violent transformation, shoving a clock up her eye and sewing a smile on her face one of the best killers ever

She is scary! I live with her. You do not want to see her attitude. But when we are alone she is AWESOME!

the best

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31 The Smiling Man
32 W. D. Gaster

Gaster is the most mysterious man from undertale

Gaster is not a creepypasta he is a character from undertale

Gaster is from Undertale. Undertale is awesome. Ergo, Gaster is awesome.

How the frick did Gaster end up as a creepypasta? I mean, I’ll admit he’s creepy, but still

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33 Jane Everlasting

I don't think she is evil or creepy because she wants to kill Jeff The Killer.

Jane is my 2nd favourite female pasta, I respect her need to kill jeff and her in general

Jane is My Favorite Creepypasta Female ever! :3 I like her because she's a Amazing! :3

I had a nightmare where I was Jeff and Jane kept chasing after me and it went like that on and on and on - TotalEscapeTheIsland

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34 The Grieving
35 Puppeteer

He comes when you feel alone and makes it look like suicide then turns you into a puppet for some kid to play with.

Puppeteer is my personal favorite creepypasta, he is just... So cool!

Definitely my fave too

My baby I'm his dear puppet sohe should be higher than this! (;⌣̀_⌣́)

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36 Homicidal Liu/Sully

He is just great, his story was sad but I like that he would always support jeff, a real brotherly figure

FiRst of all he's my second favorite one. He's like totally so handsome and hawwt. His eyes are like so pretty and his hair is also pretty like it's like mine but different color. Uhm by the way he is older than Jeff and Jeff is the youngest. LIU is really pretty even though he has scars. His story was sad and people who don't know him should read his story.

Homicidal Liu is one of my favorites because his story links to Jeff's story

My fave creepypasta characters are Hoodie, Masky and Homicidal Liu they are just plain awesome

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37 Lavender Town Pokémon

Lavender Town is my jam. You can actually do a really good robot while dancing to it. =3

It's strange they it's part of pok'emon
But if you listin to it a lot it might give you nightmares when you think of it while your asleep

38 Red

This story is so Amazing 9000/10

As a Godzilla fan. He's the scariest character of the Creepypasta games. Infact scarier than Jeff. Put him on number one

BEST STORY AND MONSTER EVER! Put this guy on number one. - asantalo

He's really cool...and hot

39 Herobrine

Not even the slightest bit scary, but it was when I used to play Minecraft.

He's not too scary, but it is creepy for Minecraft fans.

It's funny I remember getting scare while playing mine craft it make it more excited

Beautiful person

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40 The Smiling Girl

Never heard bout her

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