Jeff the Killer

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Jeff the killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner . The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep" .


Time to sleep. I get into my bed and lie down. I close my eyes thinking about random things. Sadly, one of those random things is Jeff the Killer. Step one: Open eyes as wide as possible
Step 2: Go completely still
Step 3: Breath rapidly
Step 4: Reluctantly think of all the ways Jeff could attack you
Step 5: get something close to your bed that you use as a weapon, but won't hurt him anyways

For maximum results, sleep alone! - username34

I'm not a hater but to be honest this story is a complete ripoff of the Joker's story. I suppose it has a slightly more horror tone but everything about Jeff - the trauma, insanity, even the face was already done with the Joker (the huge smile). That's not to say he's not frightening, but everything Jeff's done, the Joker had topped long ago.

I would have to say that Jeff is rather interesting... Jeffery WOods is just a young man after all, and he was scarred for life after being burned. It isn't his fault I- he is how he is, Just think he may be just channeling his feelings into pain to others. I like Jeff. He is a cool guy, and sadly, when he got beat up it reminded me of the bullies in school that hurt me

Jeff the Killer isn't one of the scariest, but I still think it deserves a spot on the list for being a good story. I wasn't scared when I heard it, but I still enjoyed to story all the same and it's one of my personal favorites. An innocent 13-year-old boy who turns killer after being beat up, covered with alcohol and bleach, then lit on fire. You gotta feel sorry for the guy.

The story itself isn't scary but the picture is truly terrifying. once you see it you may never want to sleep again. And imaging that face walk into your room, this is the reason people sleep with a gun under there pillow

The thing which scares me the most about him is, HIS FACE! That face always haunts me... I don't even think he has a nose... I just hope I never, ever see his face ever again...

This is not the best creepypasta, it is just the most popular creepypasta. This is in fact one of the worst creepypasta's I have ever read. It is not remotely scary, poorly written and has nonsenscal plot elements and motivations for instance. The tension is also non existent and the characters are completely unrealistic.

Don't ever EVER look the picture up! I typed in Jeff the Killer and went on images and the pictures scared the CRAP out of me! Tiny eyes, no nose or eyebrows or eyelids, pale white skin and a HUGE bloody mouth that he carved in his face! I CANNOT GO TO SLEEP

I completely agree with the long comment posted. The creepypasta is not scary at all. But that damn picture is just so unnerving. Every time that picture comes up I have to look away and scroll past it not looking. That damn picture.

I was never really scared of him or the pic. I've stared at the pic, read the story, thought of ways he could kill me, but the last item only really works at night cause I usually stay up late on the internet hoping my mom doesn't catch me.

That story is literally the best. The content is really lovely I liked it very much and I loved the ending. That's the kind of creepypasta that crawl into your head at night when you read it. And I might be different than everyone here but I honestly loved the picture and I have a lot more saved in my phone.

My all time favorite! It takes the limits of the human mind to another level! And yet, I can't help but feel sad for Jeff, it wasn't his fault he became that... This was the first creepy pasta I've ever read, and I'll tell you this, after more than two years I'm still scared to open my eyes when I'm trying to... Go. To. Sleep.

I don't know why people think this is scary its just a somewhat entertaining story. I don't even know why this is classified as creepypasta to me it just seems like a story some 7th grader wrote for a writing class

This dude has the scariest face EVER. Ever since I couldn't sleep well and when I closed my eyes his face comes up! And also, read his story it end so scary!

A lot of people say that this pasta isn't that great because the story is flawed but at 2am if you think about him it can inflict more fear than any other creepy pasta which is why it gets my vote

I could complain about all the terrible lack of logic and basic grammar absent in this story, but I won't be able to convince anyone. This story sucks, don't even waste time reading it.

First if all if Jeff the killer was will the guy if a human you could shoot him in the head and he will due you cannot kill slenderman Jeff the killer is not scary and his name is not to

Jeff's story is quite interesting, a kid who was hurt so much to the point of killing, his face, at first scared me so much that I couldn't sleep... Until I saw the image from Mario. Overall, a great and scary pasta.

It's the ones that seem real that are the scariest. There's no way he could be real. The main point is if he never blinked, his eyes would dry out and he would go blind. He would have to use eyedrops constantly.

Ah if you don't know who he is than you r lucky and if you wanna know who he is go on Google images and type in jeff the killer

Strategy: before he says go to sleep to leave you to die, use all your remaining strength to kick him in the balls and do a victory dance before your out of life. Or you can try to call insurance.

Nothing about this story scared me until I saw that picture. After I saw that picture I simply cleared my history and turned my phone off. The picture looks kind of like a potato to me though.

Anyone who says Jeff the Killer sucks are just haters. Even if it's not the scariest it's still a great story. And you just gotta feel sorry for Jeff. He didn't deserve what happened to him. Don't worry Jeff, I like you, even if nobody else does.

The face is the scariest thing I have ever seen with its extremely pale skin, the wide eyes, the, terrifying, grin and the long thin black hair. Literally gave me nightmares.

Seriously? This crap is in first place? Pfft. This wasn't scary at all. It's overrated as hell. Perhaps the only thing scary was that photo. But it wasn't even scary.