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41 Slender Man
42 Polybius

Whether this story is true or not, which I doubt, there is a chance that it could've been inspired by a similar story REALLY did happen. Back in the early 80's, there was an arcade game that was phenomenal called "Berzerk". In 1981, a man, who was only 18 years old, got a score of 16,660 points, and for some unknown reason, he died of a heart attack right after.
1 year later, another man at age 19, played the game, got in the Top 10 High Scores twice in 15 minutes, and once again, for some unknown reason, he died of a heart attack right after. To this day, nobody certainly knows what was responsible for these heart attacks. What caused these 2 young men to die of heart attacks? What's your guess?

Did you guys know that this is in the Simpsons?

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43 Where Bad Kids Go

To Hell, I think...

I think this is about a boy who watched a show that showed bad kids dying so kids would be good and the boy as a man talked about the goriest, scariest, and even his fave moments.

Not scary at all!

The closet!

44 My Teddy Bear

It's just scary, and the picture scares the crap out of me. Mr. Creepypasta read this on YouTube, and I listened to it. I am never sleeping without a light in my room ever again. - username34

This story isn't much "scary" its actually kinda sad when you hear all the bad things that had happened tio poor sally

45 The Strangest Security Tape I've Ever Seen

I listened to this on YouTube two times already and I liked it. I was so curious as to what "Jeremy" looked like that I looked for the picture on msn. Freaky! That's all there is to it.

You can't have a list without a disturbing security tape being in it, I like the concept of the time loops and also Jeremy is a freak

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46 NoEnd House

YEA! This is like This creepypasta I made up called the devil's house!

A bit long, but worth every minute.

Listen to it on YouTube by MrCreepyPasta... You'll piss yourself and not want to sleep for days.

47 Cupcakes

It picks the character, Pinkie pie. Who makes cupcakes. Sadly, she forgot about the ingredient. So, she takes Rainbow Dash into this so much disgusting treatment. - Pony_forever

I just love her look and every thing! - DubstepLover

This creepy my little pony fan written story featuring Pinkie Pie brutally murdering Rainbow dash will send chills down your spine as you read of the gory disection

This is one of the best mlp creepypasta"s its quite intresting acually

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48 The Angel Statue

I know the original story it has a Clown instead of a angel

Is this a Weeping angel or something?!

"Doctor Who reference goes wrong"

49 Max and Ruby 0004

Seeing that makes me cry I love that show! I always wanted a house just like theirs... NOT ANYMORE!

Nope nope nope nope nope nope and so many nope so scary that it kept me up all night

This one was a big nightmare... I watch it about 4 months ago and it still scared me..

The video is insane don't watch I was scared for days

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50 Normal Porn for Normal People

I can't believe this isn't up higher, it's by fat the most disturbing one out there. Just... Look it up. I can't describe it any more. Just look.

So disturbing. Just look it up and just look.

51 An Egg

Not really creepy but if u want your mind exploded this is what u want to read

52 The Grifter

A video full of corpses, dead children, broken dolls, and other stuff.

53 The Portraits
54 Hetalia Episode 23.5

How could they ruin such a great anime

55 Kagome Kagome

This story certainly has its flaws, and the author needed to do a bit more research. The idea is slightly far fetched, but this is still a good story. The fact that vocaloid actually made a song about it proves that.

Seems to be very unknown, but it is awesome

Interesting creepypasta. Also, I love that Vocaloid song - FireWasp2004

I have this anime called inuyasha is it talking about that kagome

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56 Jason the Toymaker V 2 Comments
57 Room Zero

How is this not up higher?! So good!

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58 Grinny

The smile cat is he as scary as smiledog : my opinion NO SMILE DOG IS SCARER


Grinny's Smile Survival Quote:
"Don't start Google-ing "huskies with a grin" or you'll end up in "Spread The Word"."

I think that "Grinny" the pasta could have used some work. There aren't scary pictures of Grinny but there are many of smile dog. Another thing is that if someone reads the name and/or sees that it's a cat with a smile the person will think that it's a ripoff of smile dog (as if a person as making smile dog a cat). The horror, it talks. That's just stupid. I'm not sure if I read the right thing, but it was the only thing I found. If someone read a version that the cat doesn't talk then please tell me where to find it, but if it talks and Jeff killer shows up please don't read because it's so cringy and it's not scary!

59 The Cell Phone Game

This is a well written Creepypasta and the ending is pretty shocking. It's just amazing.

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60 Zalgo Zalgo

Ohmygosh I like really like zalgo but not my fave one, but for reals "He Comes" now that is creepy

Screw you zaglo

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