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61 Ticci Toby

I absolutely love Ticci Toby! In my opinion Ticci Toby is the best creepypasta. It's so well written and all the details the author added make it very easy to picture exactly whats happening! If I were to be able to only listen to one creepypasta my whole life this would be the one I would listen to!

Toby isn't scary. In fact, I feel bad for him. He was bullied for having Tourette's Syndrome, which gives you uncontrollable ticks. But that's the thing; he can't control them! So that's why I find it sad, people shouldn't dislike other people for what they can't control.

Toby's my favorite Creepypasta because his emotions and mind are shown slowly breaking thorough the story, and it's understandable why he went insane and killed his Father. My all time favorite.


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62 Killer Boy

I was so scard creapy ass slendermen

63 The Dating Game

It was scary because the girl wasn't possessed as far as I know.

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64 Mother's Call

This story is literally like 3 sentences long, this very story is the definition of creepypasta.

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65 Dead Bart

One of the only good lost episodes out there, its well written, creepy and the part with the guest star gravestones is just terrifying. 10/10

I wonder what Matt was going through when he made this.

Matt was high when he made this episode, enough said. - TeamRocket747

Again why so low!

66 Jeff is Back
67 In The Walls

If you're after dark, suspenseful, atmospheric storytelling, then this story is the one for you. The narrator describes the experiences of himself and his young family after they move into a new, previously never inhabited house in the suburbs. If you often get an uneasy feeling when you are at home alone, then I'd recommend reading this one when someone's around. Thank me later.

68 A Game of Flashlight Tag

My favorite type of creepypasta is one that takes you back to something nostalgic and identifiable, then show how that thing can go horribly wrong. Just the idea that an innocent game played so close to your house could be so dangerous is terrifying in of itself. Then there's the distrubing images and ideas put into the reader's mind. One of the best aspects, however, is the story's supporting details. The details added make the story much more believable. I think this is a pasta every horror fan should read.

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69 Luna Game 0

I played it on roblox. -Alexis Thompson-Tomlinson

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70 The Doorbell

Where can I find this?


71 Bedtime

How is this not on yet? A monster living inside the wall that haunts you and tries to kill you when your bed is up against the wall. Now that's creepy. I regretted sleeping with my bed against the wall after hearing this

Scared me and my friends to death a few years back when we first heard it

One of the scariest stories I've ever read. Stephen Gammell should be illustrating this.

72 Hypno's Lullaby

This made me straight up shudder after getting a Hypno on my team, but Hypno is still my favourite Pokemon.

Yup my favorable CREEPY PASTA IT'S SO SCARY also what does he do...with children

The Pokemon who raped children

73 I know my parents loved me very much but.... V 1 Comment
74 Where the Bad Kids Go
75 Pokemon Lost Silver

I listened to/watched a reading/playing of this pasta and I have to say it was pretty good. It isn't so much scary as it is sad, although the video and the music did give an eerie creepiness. It was the sense that where the player was going was dangerous or whatever and how irregular the whole thing was that really got to me. I love Pokemon too, so that made it even better. I recommend this pasta to all Pokemon lovers, and hope anyone who does read it agrees with me!

You know, I absolutely hated it when the Unown music from the radio was playing. MOST. DISTURBING. SOUND. EVER. (In a video game at least.)

This was the first one I read. Very good. It is about the inevitability of death. That my friends is disturbing and genius!

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76 Masterpiece

The ending is creepy if you're laying in bed in the dark like I was the first time I heard it.

Just trying to add to the list with new pastas.

77 The Truth Behind My Little Pony

As a fan of My little Pony I find this quite odd and depressing

I gotta say WOW 0-0 its truly depressing with how they died. It made me question why I was a pegigasister, but luckly it isn't real

78 Magic School Bus "I Can't Breathe" Lost Episode

This one is probably one of the best lost episode Creepypastas. Thinking about suffocating in space is just horrible. The innocent and cheery-natured children dies. Arnold also had to kill some of this friends just to survive by cutting parts of their skin to survive from dying in hunger. After that, Arnold had to kill himself by slitting his throat. Dear god, this is horrifying.

Lost episodes made me cry I watched Magic School Bus at school and I love it. I used to wanna have a bus like theirs... NOT ANY MORE! - Officialpen

This is SO CREEPY I really enjoy it though

What happened to the teacher though?

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79 The Nutshack

It's the

80 Fuzzy (as performed by CreepsMcPasta)

I think it is a great story and is very well written

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