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81 Fuzzy (as performed by CreepsMcPasta)

I think it is a great story and is very well written

82 Robert the Doll

Robert the Doll was also the inspiration for Chucky from the Child's Play series.

This is actually very scary due to the actual doll in a real haunted museum

This scared me so much! is the doll even supposed to look like a human?

Has to be top ten

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83 The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing

I'm Not sure if this is A creepypasta to you, but it Scared
Me a lot, The Most Gross Part Was When the Character (Billy) Has his eye pulled out, This is a very long creepypasta. It is based off of the game series Animal Crossing.

I will never play Animal Crossing again. - Officialpen

84 The Dawn is Your Enemy

I've seen this creepypasta in real life. No joke. I saw this on Adult Swim the other day and it was from a Twitter bump. I also saw this at the end of Inuyasha a few years ago.

I saw this on adult swim when I was nine. It is an image as far as I know.

It sounds like metal rubbing metal

85 Radiation's Halloween Hack

Damn, this hack was disturbing... I mean, seriously, how much creepier and more depressing can you get? It's like the Majora's Mask of Earthbound, only MUCH scarier.

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86 The Sand Man

Just when I thought I could go to sleep - Helloworld

Scary... I hate when I get sand in my eyes

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87 The Godzilla Nes Game Hack

I am a big godzilla fan, but when I seen the red boss I never played godzilla unleashed for 10 days, it's a great creepypasta.

This should be number 2 in scariest creepy pasta.

This deserves to be number 1. Best story ever!

I heard this pasta has a happy ending

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88 B.O.B.

Almost as the rake but this is without hand. It's special is can run as fast as a tiger

89 The Ball

This will be made soon but that video screw it

90 Don't Open Your Eyes V 1 Comment
91 The Doorbell

Where can I find this?


92 Necrosleep

Really scary story, you should give this a read. - Mumbizz01

93 Dead Woods Circus

It's not scary at all...It's depressing. Very depressing. Vocaloid made a song based on this called "Dark Wood Circus" (I love this song) - FireWasp2004

The song is only scary with the pasta.

94 Anansi's Goatman

Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope... And nope. So much nope!

By far the creepiest Creepypasta that I have ever read.

95 Harold

Flower - Officialpen

96 The Theater
97 Mr. Mix

I can sound weird but this creepypasta is probably the scariest story I've ever read even thoung, it's about a video game. I swear, I can't sleep.

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98 Hope Is Lost

This creepypasta is amazing, it along with dead Bart are definitely be best and some of the only good lost episode pastas. Hope Is lost is incredibly well written, creepy and nearly flawless. Although it's inspired by squidwards suicide, this story is 1000 times better. Hope is lost is really underrated and deserves more recognition

99 Molly the Dolly
100 Courage the Cowardly Dog Lost Episode
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