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101 3 am
102 Mr. Fuzzy

This story is long, but well-worth the read! Very creepy and disturbing.

103 Spongecry.avi

An episode when Gary died, SpongeBob kept crying till he got so decayed a lot! The pic gave me nightmares...

This is not scary or disturbing. SpongeBob presses his face against the camera! That is hilarious!

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104 The Autopsy of Cole Ryder
105 Deprivation
106 Emma by Chris Craft

Not a creepy pasta but a good story - JaysTop10List

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107 Rock Motto

This Ceepypasta Is about a Guy who YouTube pooped SpongeBob and this YouTube poop is very disturbing! Do not watch!

108 Happy Appy

The only other blog-pasta I like. It was great and creepy. - Daviddv0601

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109 Thomas and the Children

By the way there is no narrator, there are murderous messages at the end, and the children are made of wood.

It is a Thomas lost episode not scary

You will have to look this up before laughing out loud and thinking it was a regular episode. It is a creepypasta. 1 spoiler warning: he [Thomas] did kill Bertie the bus.

110 The Mystery
111 ABC
112 Channel 10,000
113 The Grinning Man

Spooky yet interesting. I've listened to it on YouTube so many times and I still am. Definitely a Creepypasta.

114 The Smiling Man

I've listened to it so many times before and I still do. This never seems to bore me and it's one of my personal favorites. It's somewhat chilling so I think it deserves some credit.

How is this not higher this is way scarier Jeff the killer

This was a very disturbing read

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115 Huntsville Camping Trip

Creepy, indeed. That's all there is to it. Another one I enjoy listening to.

116 Puppeteer

LOVE the puppeteer. Awesome story, plot, and ending. YOU NEED TO READ THIS IF YOU haven't ALREADY!

If you walked in on your mother being killed by your imaginary friend, you would freak.

117 Masky

Masky is AWESOME! Doesn't deserve a place down here. Top 20, at least.

Masky's story is si sad. He lost his best friend.! You guys should watch Marble Hornets by yourself! This story so sad at climax! I bet you! You will feel what I and Masky feel if you lost your bestfriend!

He is the best ever he should be number one

He deserves to be higher and that is all

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118 Binary DNA
119 Missingno Murder

Some ordinary gamer told me about this one time that a Pokemon got killed by it

120 Hoodies

Hoodie and masky should be counted together, people!

Hoodie story is sad a bit. But, I can't accepted he died! Actually, I love Hoodie and Masky after watching Marble Hornets. That's story so cool!

What he died that is not possible

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