Top 10 Scariest Creepypastas

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141 Pills
142 Skifreizeit?
143 Lisa

A series of drawings by a kid - EliHbk

144 Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse is a funny animal cartoon character and the official mascot of The Walt Disney Company. He was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks at the Walt Disney Studios in 1928.
145 Jimmy Neutron
146 Tattletale
147 The Rugrats Theory
148 Back at the Barnyard
149 The Blind Man's Favor
150 The 7th Barn
151 Your Secret Admirer
152 Herobrine

I think I know this guy. So does My brother. One video game day he found a giant hole with diamond blocks & Power rails in it. He climbed down and mined the diamond blocks and made some armor and diamond stuff out of the diamonds.Then the next day he heard his friend say that Herobrine was under that hole and that your not supposed to mine the diamond blocks or else Herobrine will be after you. He eventually deleted the world.

One day in my Minecraft (single player) I go to the mineshaft I was mining the obsidian someone attack me when I mine that obsidian someone puts it again it creeped me out so I decided to deleted that world and go to the other world (which is my home in creative) and I decided to put some fermented spiders eye, poisonous potato, splash potion of poison, and some rotten flesh so that herobrine can be poisoned and spawned some iron golems and sleep and the next day in Minecraft all the things were gone I think he poisoned. that's I am going to say.

I heard a child just killed Herobrine in Minecraft PE and guess what he got... loads of diamonds! You can watch it in YouTube.

Who's ever heard of a player with glowing eyes?!

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153 Clockwork

Clockwork isn't bad. The brother is. He sexually abused her when Natalie was 9 years old.

So unrealistic... - FireWasp2004

Clockwork sucks. It's the worst story everr!

This is a THOT

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154 Username 666

My friend tried to kill my computer by looking this up and trying to make it happen. I didn't let him though. All it really is, is a virus hooked up to YouTube. Nothing paranormal. - username34

This actually fake someone tried it and nothing happened. the story is to cliche to my opinion could have been a lot better

This is what happens when a devil makes a YouTube account - tranhotwheel04

It is a fake ass channel and the video is from some channel that post creepy stuff

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155 He's Still Out There
156 Ed Edd Eddy "Lost Episode"

This ruins so many childhood moments on so many levels.

157 Happy from McDonald's

Has a pasta ben made about this yet? - michaelthecritic

Happy from mcdonalds is NOT scary he is funny

This guy looks possessed. I hate it when he copied off of Sunset Shimmer. And the scariest part was... He did a creepy dance with a gogurt! I'm grossed out when I see him!
Pen from bfdi

158 Go to Sleep: Jeff the Killer

This is already on here. In fact, it's #1.

What a twist...

F Jeff fans.

159 Rap Rat

Needs more ratings!

This sucks laugh out loud

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