Top 10 Scariest Disney Moments

You think that Disney is happy and innocent, right? WRONG! Disney can be dark and scary sometimes. WARNING! THIS LIST MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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1 Pleasure Island from Pinocchio

Seeing a bad child turn into a jackass while he screams in terror, and to top it all off we see our main character partially turn into a jackass. That's obviously a scene the little kids would enjoy.

The only other moment in this movie that's as creepy as this scene is the moments with Monstro. That thing's more violent than a bloodthirsty great white shark on steroids. No, I am not exaggerating!

The abuse these boys are given by turning into donkeys and be treated like slaves is so evil. But the way Lampwick turns into a donkey is the scariest disney movie moment ever! We start off with the ears, tail and face which could have been a moment when you laugh, but when the donkey squeals start you get nervous and then the hooves and Lampwick calling for his mother sends chills up your spine and finally the full transformation and how he constantly keeps on squealing is terifying but what scares the most is the havoc and music during the scene which tops this moment as the scariest ever disney moment ever. - EJ0602

In this movie Pinocchio was half transformed but why in the book he transform in whole but good thing he becomes a puppet again when someone sells donkey flesh

This gave me a fear of donkeys

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2 Pink Elephants On Parade from Dumbo

I don't really know why people would call this scary. ( 1 viewing later. ) This song is scary. I am going to tell you the story. So Dumbo drinks some champagne thinking it was water. ( Stupid head) He has a dream about them, and the pink elephants dance around Dumbo while he's drunk, telling him how scary they are. They look creepy to me. I don't remember the lyrics because it gave me the creeps. And the scariest part was the ending. But they taught us at a very young age that you can't drink ANY type of alcohol. - michaelthecritic

Apparently this is why people get drunk; to battle their fear of imaginary pink elephants.

I had nightmares for weeks of this scene

3 Wizard of Oz Spin-offs

There are only 2 examples of why they are scary. 1 is Oz the great and powerful. I jumped when the bad flying monkey poped up on screen. The scariest part was when Theadora turned into the wicked which of the west. (I am never going to eat another apple again) And the biggest example that I can think of is Return to Oz. Little girls 1st reaction to this movie: Mommy, I want this movie on DVD. ( Little girl gets the movie on DVD and watches it. ) Little girls reaction after she sees the movie: AH! MOMMY! I think that these 2 movies are darker and scarier than the original wizard of oz. - michaelthecritic

4 Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

This guys sinister plot is to melt Toon Town off the earth because of his hatrid for the toons. Now lets say he IS a toon. And guess what? He IS a toon. What was scary was his eyes. don't STARE IN THEM. - michaelthecritic

5 Mickey and the Beanstalk

This cartoon itself isn't scary. But what I am really talking about is the scene where Donald goes MAD. So it starts out by Mickey cutting a slice of bread. Donald then starts to go crazy and eats the plate. After he eats the plate, his eyes turn from blue to red. don't STARE INTO THOSE EYES. He ALMOST kills the cow. (thank goodness) - michaelthecritic

6 Tower of Terror at Disney Parks

I've always hated this ride. And I thought it was scary too. It drops you down faster than gravity. Please tell me that was scary. And the part I hate about it was that you only go in the elevator and don't actually see the hotel. (I face palm my self) - michaelthecritic

7 The Queen's Transformation from Snow White

Eerie - blackflower

This is some pretty creepy stuff right here. At the end she looks like a lady who lived for 500 years. - michaelthecritic

8 Dr. Facilier's Demise from the Princess and the Frog

Satisfying though - blackflower

The Shadowman deserved to die because he was not a good person

Let me get something straight here, this guy uses voodoo. So you know this will be scary. What happens is Tiana breakes the thing that Dr. Facilier needs to live. His friends on the other side turn on him and he dies. I have 2 speculations of what happened. 1 he is actually dead. And 2, he is in hades getting tortured. - michaelthecritic


9 Clayton's Gruesome Death from Tarzan

The shadow of claytons hanging corpse swaying slowly in the wind is just so dark

This was very subtle but also really sinister. The fact that you can see Clayton's hanging body in the shadows is really disturbing

This was very satisfying, but did they really have to throw his death over the top?

I'm kinda glad that Clayton died. He was
a douche bag, anyway.

10 A Night on Bald Mountain from Fantasia

That part scared me big time. The Devil always gave me nightmares. That's what made me skip Bald Mountain and pretend it never happened.

Chernabog gave me nightmares. I had the VHS when I was little and when he smiled as he threw his minions in the fire scarred me!

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11 Ursula from The Little Mermaid

When she grows was creepy, and so was her transformation - blackflower

In the beginning she isn't THAT scary. But her 2 assistants freak me out. At the battle, she turns huge. Here comes the poop. And by the way, she turns the merfolk into creepy worms that look like poop to me. - michaelthecritic

12 Horned King from The Black Cauldron
13 He'll Fire from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Me in 2015-2016: Oh, yeah. This song is hardcore. Totally my new fave.

Me now: This is disgusting!

One of the most terrifying songs I've heard.

14 The Rite of Spring from Fantasia

That Moasaurus eating a Pteranodon, those zombie-ish Ornithomimous, THAT T REX, that same T. rex attacking a Stegosaurus, the extinction of the dinosaurs where stegosaurs, brontosaurus and diplodocus die in the tar. YEesh

I love πŸ’œ the Rite of Spring because of the dinosaurs πŸ¦•. I used to be afraid 😱 of the T Rex πŸ¦– when I was a kid πŸ§’ but not anymore. It’s my favorite segment in Fantasia.

15 Snow White Gets Lost in the Woods - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

That part scared 😟 me when I was a kid πŸ§’ I always got nightmares about that spooky forest 🌳

16 When Mufasa Dies in The Lion King

That scene always makes me sad.

17 The Death of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent deserved to die because she was not a good person

18 Toys Get Revenge on Sid - Toy Story

This scene can give you the creeps, but this does teach Sid a lesson. It sure scares the crap out of Sid and sends him running away screaming. That's the best part of the whole movie, at least in my opinion.

I’m glad that can’t really happen - blackflower

19 Butch Cavendish Eats Dan Reid's Heart from The Lone Ranger

This even makes his men sick.

20 The Incinerator from Toy Story 3

I was on the edge of my seat - blackflower

That was scary! Thankfully, they are saved by the squeeze toy aliens and hitch a ride on Sid's garbage truck to get home.

21 The Bear from The Fox and the Hound
22 Nemo finds out about Darla and tries to escape the aquarium from Finding Nemo

That girl is CREEPY!

23 "Lets Make Music Together" from All Dogs go to Heaven.

Crap. I just realized. This isn't a Disney movie. Can this entry please get removed.

If you see this scene for the first time, there's 95% chance that you'll be thinking to yourself "What...the...hell". That alligator is so creepy.

P.S Not Disney its MGM

24 Nemo gets captured from Finding Nemo
25 Large Marge from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure Large Marge from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

Tell them large marge sent ya...

Well I'm probably scarred for life

26 Evil Queen Drinks Potion - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This always gave me chills. Drinking the potion and turning into an old hag, making a poison apple to give to Snow White, and seeing dead people in cells is just plain creepy!

27 Sid plays surgeon from Toy Story

His room is just as creepy as his antics. And he has lots to tools to create a whole bunch of creepy creations. But I think there was more to Sid than his antics and has reasons for such behavior.

28 Maleficent appears in the fireplace from Sleeping Beauty
29 Tiger Lily in Trouble from Peter Pan
30 Tiny Tim dies during Scrooge's vision of the Future - A Christmas Carol
31 The Headless Horseman from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
32 Ichabod encounters the Headless Horseman from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad.

Is this a kids movie? No! It’s a HORROR MOVIE.

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1. Pleasure Island from Pinocchio
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3. Pink Elephants On Parade from Dumbo


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