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21 Lampwick Turns into a Donkey - Pinocchio
22 Donald Freaks Out - Fun and Fancy Free

During the Mickey in the Beanstalk segment after the giant steals the harp turning the valley into a wasteland, Mickey, Donald and Goofy are food to eat what very little they have as their setting down to eat all they get is two very very thin pieces of bread and incredibly thin piece of bean then as the narrator is talking Donald screams "Shut Up I Can't Stand It" and starts smashing the plates and stuffing them in his mouth Goofy and Mickey calm him down then it hits him there's a cow out side and decides to go for it as he slowly approaches the cow Mickey screams for him to stop and he immediately charges in the look on his eyes were creepy enough and Mickey and Goofy finally wrestle him to the ground, its incredibly scary watching a well know cartoon character going crazy and tying to kill a cow for food. - egnomac

23 Program Commits Suicide - Tron Legacy

He just jumps into a fan and breaks to pieces

24 Mother Gothel's Death - Tangled

She pretty much dies before she hits the ground

25 Yokai Chases After Hiro and Baymax in Building with Nano Bots - Big Hero 6

This part is actually kinda cool

26 Ignorance & Want - Disney's A Christmas Carol
27 Jangles The Clown - Inside Out Jangles The Clown - Inside Out
28 Loki's Dying - Thor: The Dark World
29 The Dead Rats - Ratatouille
30 Queen Narissa Stalking Giselle - Enchanted

She was such a stalker.

31 Hungry Donald - Mickey and the Beanstalk
32 One Jump Ahead - Aladdin
33 Stromboli Locks Pinocchio in a Birdcage - Pinocchio
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