Top Ten Scariest Enemies and Bosses In the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


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1 Wallmasters

Part of the reason why the forest temple is my favorite. I love the music, puzzles, enemies and boss.

Scary because I don't want to go back to the start of the dungeon. - MrLoser

I just HATE the sound they make when they are about to grab you. And the shadow isn't bad, unless you are playing the 3DS version. Then it turns from a circle to an actual hand-shaped shadow. - somelifeonaplanet

I wasn't listening to Navi and then I hear a deep "GWAH! " And I freaked out! Then I saw it was ahand that dies in two hits and I'm like, "okay..."

2 Dead Hand

Who thought this was a good idea. It's kinda like putting jenova in Zelda.

3 Bongo Bongo

The thing that scares me about this guy is the noise he makes. Good god, that NOISE. - somelifeonaplanet

4 ReDeads

Famously known for being terrifying, though they don't scare me really. - somelifeonaplanet


5 Floormasters

Floormasters are more annoying than scary to me, but I know a lot of people are scared of these. - somelifeonaplanet

6 Keese
7 Bubble
8 Gibdos V 2 Comments
9 Moblins

If I didn't forget this one, this one would've been high up there! - somelifeonaplanet

10 Skulltula

The Contenders

11 Big Deku Baba
12 Anubis

They just stare at you. They are creepy and not much is known about them. - somelifeonaplanet

13 Bari

Baris are scary because they jump down on you when you don't expect it. It's pretty much a huge Jump Scare. - somelifeonaplanet

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14 Beast Ganon
15 Like-Like
16 Majora
17 Iron Knuckle
18 Thunderbird (Zelda 2) V 1 Comment
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