Top Ten Scariest Enemies and Bosses In the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


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1 Wallmasters

Part of the reason why the forest temple is my favorite. I love the music, puzzles, enemies and boss.

I just HATE the sound they make when they are about to grab you. And the shadow isn't bad, unless you are playing the 3DS version. Then it turns from a circle to an actual hand-shaped shadow. - somelifeonaplanet

Scary because I don't want to go back to the start of the dungeon. - MrLoser

Agreed this is without a doubt the scariest enemy ever! Though they aren’t really scary in other games but in the 64 games they are you hear an ominous sound and a growing shadow then a hand suddenly grabs you and takes you back to the start... even worse in the 3DS remakes of Oot and MM their shadow is now their hand making them even more scary!

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2 Dead Hand

Who thought this was a good idea. It's kinda like putting jenova in Zelda.

That moment when you are ten, you haven't played zelda, so you watch videos, you stumble across Mr. Deadhand, and you have a genuine nightmare about this creepy lil fricker.

3 Bongo Bongo

The thing that scares me about this guy is the noise he makes. Good god, that NOISE. - somelifeonaplanet

4 ReDeads

Famously known for being terrifying, though they don't scare me really. - somelifeonaplanet


5 Floormasters

Floormasters are more annoying than scary to me, but I know a lot of people are scared of these. - somelifeonaplanet

6 Keese
7 Bubble
8 Gibdos

Same as ReDead, although with a different texture. - somelifeonaplanet

Redeads freak me out than I see a Gibdo and I'm like K then it screams and I'm like ANOTHER FRIKIN REDEAD although they don't scare me the redeads do but Gibdos are ok I guess

9 Moblins

If I didn't forget this one, this one would've been high up there! - somelifeonaplanet

10 Skulltula

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11 Big Deku Baba
12 Anubis

They just stare at you. They are creepy and not much is known about them. - somelifeonaplanet

13 Bari

Baris are scary because they jump down on you when you don't expect it. It's pretty much a huge Jump Scare. - somelifeonaplanet

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14 Beast Ganon
15 Like-Like
16 Majora
17 Iron Knuckle
18 Thunderbird (Zelda 2)

Creepy as hell

19 Blizzetta
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