Top Ten Scariest Enemies and Bosses In the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Top Ten Scariest Enemies and Bosses In the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

1 Dead Hand

I didn't want to go under the well because of this guy. He scared the crap out of me. I have no idea how I survived, I was fighting him in panic.

Castlevania reject - Murphdog405

The scariest monster in a Nintendo game, honestly.

spook - Marxcute19

2 Wallmasters

Part of the reason why the forest temple is my favorite. I love the music, puzzles, enemies and boss.

Scary because I don't want to go back to the start of the dungeon. - MrLoser

Why does nintendo like hands

Stupid Wallmasters! I was trying to do something! - RosalinaX

3 ReDeads


4 Bongo Bongo
5 Keese
6 Floormasters
7 Bubble

Hahaa no. These are not scary. - underboy

8 Skulltula

Not really they're usually easy to kill. - BlueTelegraph

9 Gibdos

Redeads freak me out than I see a Gibdo and I'm like K then it screams and I'm like ANOTHER FRIKIN REDEAD although they don't scare me the redeads do but Gibdos are ok I guess

10 Big Deku Baba

The Contenders

11 Anubis
12 Like-Like

Looks like those cool water snake toys.

13 Bari

The original Zelda jumpscare

14 Moblins
15 Beast Ganon
16 Majora

He is scary

17 Wolfos

You open the door take two steps and you jump at the Howl.

18 Iron Knuckle
19 Thunderbird (Zelda 2)

Creepy as hell

20 Blizzetta

Yhe transformation is a jump scare I’m actually at that stage of game now

21 Garo
22 Them (Majora's Mask)

What the heck did those things do to Romani?!

23 Lizalfos
24 Ganon
25 Guardian Stalker
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