Top 10 Scariest Female Creepypasta Characters

The Top Ten Scariest Female Creepypasta Characters

Sally Williams

She's definitely creepy. Also I don't get it why many people view her as cute. - ElSherlock

This Girl Is Pretty Scary Because She's A Little Ghost Girl That Ask's People "Do You Want To Play With Me? " So Yeah

Kashima Reiko
Nightmare Ally

when you are around her all the time like me you realize she isn't that bad to you and she will protect you with your very life even though she can get very moody at TIMEs she is fine and we even go on killing sprees together and its kinda fun. - mephistophiles1234


Just a genderbent version of Slender. - ElSherlock

Hanako San

Oh no, not her. - ElSherlock

Candy Pop

You were probably referring to Candy Cane, a female version of him. - ElSherlock

Candy Pop is actually a male.


She isn't creepy, the story on the other hand is. - ElSherlock

She is not scary,her boy who killed her is.

Jane the killer Jane the killer is the main character of the creepypasta story Jane the Killer: The real Story. She is know to be a rival to the creepypasta Jeff the Killer.

Why is she 11th on this list?! She is just BORN to be 1st. Now, she may not be creepy in fan arts, but when you see the ORIGINAL picture, she's terrifying. Jane looks fantastic even though she was burned. Jeff killed her parents so he was a rival that Jane HAD to kill.

I got to say, she's a bit better than Jeff. - ElSherlock

She is one of the best! i-i'm speechless!

The Contenders


She cries blood, has blood wounds everywhere, and has no eyes isn't that a little creepy

"Can I take you're eyes?" - Lulu
That's creepy. - ElSherlock

The Doll

She is cute but she is the child of SLENDER-MANS RIVLE. she has a demon inside her named lazurus

Looks like Sally, but instead she's the daughter of Zalgo - ElSherlock

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