Top Ten Scariest Ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul

If you've watched Tokyo Ghoul you 'outta know there are some scary and messed up ghouls in it.

The Top Ten Scariest Ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul

1 Noro

Noro is real scary. In season 1 they literally cut him in half and he still lived. Like who could survive that.( Except me)

Not much is known about him and people fear the unknown.

He I really scary

Noro's kagune and mask are freaky. - sengale

2 Rize Kamishiro

Rize's kagune isn't as good as Hinami's

So sexy

Even though we've only seen her in full action for the first half of the first episode we all know just how scary Rize is, with an unsatisfying appetite and her sinister smile like a fox if you ever meet this ghoul run like hell. - sengale

3 Eto

Scary with her mummy like appearance even scarier in her kakuja form. - sengale

4 Seidou Takizawa

Honestly I was going to make him number one but I changed my mind he is very scary but what made me change my mind is that he didn't start out that way and is an artificial one eyed ghoul. It seems that the one eyed ghouls are always the crazy one. - sengale

5 Ken Kaneki

Kaneki, specially his mask made me frightened for the first time I watched an anime and it's my first anime. And also his ghoul eye. It even turned into a nightmare. But I really cut off my fear now as I was 10 when I saw thís

Simply, his mask epitomises his intimidation.

His appearance is cool and a little frightening yeah but what is REALLY scary about him is his "subconscious" Rize in him and his kakuja form. - sengale

6 Juuzou Suzuya

Juuzou is not scary he is cute how dare you

Having feeling no mercy, no sympathy, and no reason Suzuya is truly scary. He loves - sengale


UMm.. he’s not a ghoul? He’s not scary either, SHUT UP

7 Shuu Tsukiyama

He is just a freakazoid. His mask and his personality. - sengale

8 Ayato Kirishima

When he goes to ghoul mode and is mad at the same time he is pretty scary. - sengale

He’s really cool but when he’s fighting he’s pretty strong and scary

9 Uta

This guy is pretty cool and cute. how could you?

I don't think Uta is THAT creepy. And he is a very cool and interesting character. He's very mysterious and not much is known about him. And he's one of my personal favorites.

Not the scariest ghoul but pretty creepy. - sengale

10 Minami Uruka

best girl

The Contenders

11 Yamori

These guys knows how to make a scary villain.

12 Yoshimura
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