Scariest Goosebumps Books

Which Of RL Stines Books Gave You The Most Goosebumps?

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1 Welcome to Dead House

Best goosebumps book and the first goosebumps book, this will surely give you a thrilling experience and scare you such you won't be able to sleep... SCARIEST GOOSEBUMPS BOOK OF ALL TIME!

It is the most scariest book of all! And I read it as the first book of the goosebumps series... It really gave me the goosebumps and I could not sleep for three days...

It is the scariest goosebumps book

That book wasn't scary AT ALL! that was HORRIBLE

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2 Cuckoo Clock of Doom

Amazing Book! I couldn't sleep for 2 days and I didn't look at the Clock for a few months until I thought it was Safe

Very clever and underrated book. Also surprisingly scary! It's almost like an episode of the Twilight Zone. - Bluejay3

It's not that scary. I think every goosebumps book besides my hairiest adventure is scarier.

Gave me nightmares as a kid

3 A Night In Terror Tower

This one freaked me out, and I could not sleep 4 like, week

This was definitely one of the eerie ones, but had a great plot to it.

Totally awesome full of scariness

The best goosebump book

4 I Live In Your Basement

People turn inside out in great detail. Goosebumps don't get much scarier than that! - mtndewlord

Disgusting but scary

This sounds scary

Scary and sick

5 Say Cheese and Die

So scary I mean wow

Not scary, but the best story ever!

This book was not that scary. It was fantastic though.

6 The Haunted School

First goosebumps book. End was Damn terrifying for me.

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7 Stay Out of Basement

This one is the scariest one for me at least

End is so scary

8 How I Got My Shrunken Head

Being stuck on a jungle island with mad scientists who want to kill you and shrink your head! Can't get much scarier than that!

Totally awesome

9 Night of the Living Dummy

This wasn't scary! However it is the best goosebumps book.

I feel the same

10 A Shocker On Shock Street

This is one of those Goosebumps books with everything in it; Skeletens, Giant Praying Mantises, Zombies, Werewolves, Robots...
RL Stine went went crazy with this one and it turned out pretty awesome!

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11 Monster Blood

It was like the blob

12 One Day at HorrorLand

When you read this one you feal like the monsters are in your bedroom

This wasn't very scary, but it was awesome!

This book was not only scary but most iconic book that is ever made. Because of merchandise, spin-offs, games, etc. were everything throught out history.

13 Beware the Snowman

The way he described the snowmen was creepy. I also really like the setting in this one.

This isn't scary at all. I accidentally voted on it. - RalphBob

Really good book

14 Piano Lessons Can Be Murder

The cover reminds me of lets get invisible and my invisible friend

15 Ghost Camp

Curse of the mummy's tomb and how I got my shrunken head is higher than this? Kid stabs himself with a pole in the foot, girl sticks her hand into the fire, oh yeah How I got my Shrunken Head sucks. - spodermanfan1000

This one was really scary

Remember the ghost girl?

Crazy scary

16 The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight

The most horror one

Best one ever!

This is some pretty scary stuff! 😎

17 Curse of the Mummy's Tomb

This was really scary

18 Deep Trouble

This was like jaws it's scary

19 Horror at Camp Jellyjam

This one is scary

20 Ghost Beach

This should be number 1, I had nightmares as a kid when I read this. I even slept with the light on.

I borrowed the book from the library and I read it. As a kid, I was pretty freaked out by the ghost kids and the ghost in the cave. Even though it gave me nightmares(no joking) I still loved the plot and the book Vote for this

This one freaked me out like, a ghost is going to kill me

I haven't read this book yet but I really want to

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