Scariest Horror Movies of 2011

A battle of all the horror movies of 2011, which one is the SCARIEST?

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1 Insidious

Loved the first part and second part both are fab eagerly waiting for third part

Its brilliant... Though the second part gets kinda boring but man its scary.

Tiptoe through the tulips..
Laugh out loud love this movie so much!

LOL! That kid in the cover art kinda has Bieber hair!

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2 Apollo 18
3 Scream 4

It wasnt really scary but I think should be on the top 10 of greatest movies

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4 Priest
5 Drive Angry
6 11-11-11
7 Trollhunter
8 Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
9 Final Destination 5

Well it was better than the last 2 that's for sure, but we did have a lot of lame movies this year.

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10 Paranormal Activity 3

AWESOME! I also saw paranormal activity 4 the end is so scary!

The Contenders

11 Vanishing on 7th Street
12 The Human Centipede II

Agreed all the way - kylebuschfan18

13 Fright Night
14 The Thing
15 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
16 The Lashman
17 It

One of the best movies ever in the history of movies! It's freaky but it's also super funny. So if your in the mood for comedy and scary than please just watch it. But beware Pennywise the clown is litteraly a living nightmare. By the way I'm only 10!

18 Stake Land
19 Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
20 Kidnapped
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