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1 Soldiers

We all expected it to be number and yet again no explanation, speaks for itself - SuperHyperman

If you have the guts and love for your nation, then it's not dangerous, and we have so many legendary examples - Ananya

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2 Astronaut

After watching "Gravity" = ya! - AlekhyaDas

3 Potholing

Seems fun but very risky and the thought of being in a cave with strong rivers and filled with creepy crawlers puts you off - SuperHyperman

4 Bullfighter

Oh god that's so scary! A bull aiming at you if you're wearing red. I'm not wearing red at a bullfighting - JaysTop10List

A bull charging at you full speed is just enough to make you scream like a girl - SuperHyperman

5 Policeman V 1 Comment
6 Bull Rider

If a bull charging at you wasn't enough then what about get riding it wholesome true to take you to the ground - SuperHyperman

7 Undertaker

Really? Dead bodies don't harm you - Ananya

8 Surgeon

Out of all the hospital jobs to have there's no denying that a surgeons job is very scary. The fact that your cutting open a body and sometimes even touching the insides if required to. - SuperHyperman

So many nasty things in beinga. Surgeon. Well at least you can sing "Like a surgeon"!

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9 Firefighter
10 Spy

The Contenders

11 Bodyguard
12 Slaughterhouse Worker
13 High-Rise Window Cleaner
14 Pest Control Technician
15 Animal Handler
16 Stand-Up Comedian
17 Bomb Squad Technician
18 Miner
19 Security Guard
20 Truck Driver
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1. Soldiers
2. Potholing
3. Bullfighter
1. Soldiers
2. Astronaut
3. Potholing



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