Top Ten Scariest Kids Movies

You know... for kids! My criteria is that the movie has to be rated PG or lower in order to count as a kids movie and also has to be advertised as a kids movie too. So prepare for the horrors of your past. The top ten SCARIEST "kids" movies.

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1 Coraline

Awesome. I watched it when I was seven and I thought the other mother lived in a door in my garage that we never opened before.

Great movie. Just the tiniest bit creepy for young kids

I read the book and told my friend to read it but she said it was too scary

It's really such a cool movie, but don't watch it if you're scared of dolls, bwahaha. - RaccoonCartoon

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2 Return to Oz

Wheelers are quite freaky. - RaccoonCartoon

The Wheelers were scary

Wheelers are probally the scariest thing ever!

3 Poltergeist

This is NOT for kids at all. There is one scene where a guy's face gets peeled off. I'm not making this up!

How Is This a Kids Movie Anyway? It Was One Of The Scariest Films Ever Made!

Why on earth would a horror movie be for kids!?

This ISN'T for kids. - 906389

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4 The Secret of NIMH

What? I watched this movie as a kid, and it's not scary at all.

This movie scared the hell out of me when I was young! I rated G my pants! Whoever rated this movie G should be sued! NOT A KIDS MOVIE!

5 Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

Everyone remembers Large Marge. - Pony

Yes, I remember Large Marge too.

Tell em large Marge sent ya!

And it looked like. THIS!

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6 The Dark Crystal

Jim Henson can make creepy stuff when he wants to. You pretty much watch all these creatures slowly die. - RaccoonCartoon

I'm 19 and this movie still scares the living hell out of me.

Pretty dark and dirstrubing but still good through. P.S the creator of this movie also did Sesame Street and the muppets.

7 Son of the Mask

Did they seriously market a sequel to a movie with guns and swearing for kids?

This movies is creepy, just watch the Nostalgia Critic's review of if

This is a horrible (literally) HORRIBLE MOVIE, not only is boring, also is very creepy

It had some scary scenes, but.. Yeah... - RaccoonCartoon

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8 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

How did they get away with parodying an existing product for so long? First cards, then a movie? I mean, I hate Cabbage Patch Dolls, but... still... Are these the same people who made Pukeymon cards? - RaccoonCartoon

9 Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

Everyone talks about this movie (and the remake) like it's jolly and cheery, but actually they're both quite disturbing. Willy Wonka doesn't seem to actually care about any of the kids, he invites 5 random kids over, and just watches them die (or almost die) without doing anything. I think the only reason I wasn't scared of it when I was 6 was because I wasn't paying attention to the plot, I was distracted by all the food. - RaccoonCartoon

He almost murders children, there are jumpscares, and he's eerie! This is just too scary!

He does nothing when the kids almost die. He just says don't be braty

10 The Witches

It is quite disturbing, looking back. But, I was 6 when I first watched this, and I didn't see being a rat as a curse. In fact, I dreamed of being a rat. Would I be a rat now? Erm.. Well.. If I could revert from rat to human, yeah. - RaccoonCartoon

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11 Jumanji

Can't watch the part with the spider

I remember watching this when I was 5. Twice in the same year. It was really weird. I watched a lot of weird movies back in the good ol' days.. Ah, I'm rambling! Anyway, I was searching far and wide for this movie, I wanted to know what it was called. Then I found out! - RaccoonCartoon

This ain't scary. What are you talking about?

I watched Jumanji woth my classmates in school for my club and its not even scary

12 Beetlejuice

The Snake Part Was Creepy

13 Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

The Johnny Depp movie is way creepier - Jonerman

Watch the psychedelic boat trip and TELL ME that wasn't scary. - pinkmermaidgirl227

I find this weirder than the original. - RaccoonCartoon

14 Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The true form of Judge Doom was very. With his red eyes and his high-pitched voice.

Even though it features the greatest cartoon characters, there's murder and a lot of inappropriate content.

I can understand rooms getting drunk and getting into life threatening situations and using guns. But when R.K. Maroon is killed so violently and it shows his dead body, oh, that gave me nightmares as a child.

That gave me nightmares for a week

15 The Black Cauldron

I watched this movie when I was little, and it creeped me out so much I haven't seen it since. - ShuhBanggg

Scariest Disney movie, first disney cartoon to be rated PG, and scarier than the chernabog scene from fantasia

16 Spirited Away

I was watching this my vie with my two friends and their cousin who is older than all three of us, and we had to shut it off somewhere around twenty minutes in because their cousin got scared.

I saw this movie at a block party, and I only made it like 5 minutes in after I saw the parents turn into pigs. I should probably watch it soon. - 445956

Best movie ever

It's not that scary. I like it! - mayamanga

17 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Hellfire is pretty self-explanatory

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18 Monster House

Erm.. Well.. When I was extremely little, I had the weirdest fears. I wasn't scared of gory zombie movies, but I was scared of.. *wheeze* I was scared of the weirdest, stupidest things. Even things that are supposed to MOCK horror movies.. Oops! I'm rambling! Anyway, I was horrified of this movie. I was at my grandma's house with my sister and my cousin who is like 7 years older than me. I almost cried because I was so scared, but I still felt bad for the old man when he went to hospital, even though he was a jerk. My cousin kept questioning why I was so scared. Looking back at it, it's just hilarious. I was really scared of some of the weirdest things. - RaccoonCartoon

Not at all scary! With monster house, you can tell it's scary from just looking at the cover, but with the brave little toaster, you can't tell. Therefore, this movie is not scary at all because it's so predictable!

The owner of the house was creepy and I understand why our school didn't let us watch it.

This isn't even scary.

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19 Frankenweenie

Frankenweenie is too scary for kids to watch even scarier than Son of a Mask.

I like this movie. It was really sad though

I found this movie boring. - RaccoonCartoon

The worst thin in the movie I the cat poo

20 Little Monsters

Should be higher

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