Top Ten Scariest Kids Movies

You know... for kids! My criteria is that the movie has to be rated PG or lower in order to count as a kids movie and also has to be advertised as a kids movie too. So prepare for the horrors of your past. The top ten SCARIEST "kids" movies.

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41 Raggedy Ann & Andy: a Musical Adventure
42 The Plague Dogs

This is not for kids. Even they rated it PG-13. Stay away! It's more intense than watership down

43 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

To me ET not creepy but still a great movie even through there is a scene where the alien and boy almost dies so yeah that was pretty dark but it's still great and I love the ending and its probulay one of the best movies of all time.

Just look at the main character.

44 The Land Before Time
45 Mac and Me

For those of you who think ET was creepy or dirsturbing looking just take a look at Mac ok macs not really creepy but his father Jesus Christ his father is terrifying to me the way he moves my god I don't how to describe it but yeah aside from that this movie isn't really dark or creepy but the scene where the kid dies in the fire yeah that was pretty dark but spoilers the aliens bring back to life at least but yeah this movie doesn't really derverse to be on the list even et had more of a dark tone also that doesn't really derverse to be on the list but it's still awesome.

46 The Spiderwick Chronicles
47 Goosebumps

That's perfect.

48 Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

This is not for kids. I screamed allot and panicked. I ran away from the cinema and burnt my ticket. And plus, it's rated R-16.

49 The Watcher in the Woods
50 Hotel Transylvania 2

The scene with the possessed cake monster explains it all

51 Ringing Bell
52 Igor
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