Top 10 Scariest Legend of Zelda Moments


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1 Yeta's Transformation (Twilight Princess)
2 When a Wallmaster attacks you
3 The final hours in Majora's Mask

When you hear the music playing, you know its all over, you could've saved all of these innocent lives, but you failed, your only choice is to run and hide, with the Song of Time being a final hope. - aarond9010

4 The Redeads attacking you (Ocarina of Time)

You hear that scream the world says oh crap

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5 Angry (Happy) Mask Salesmen (Majora's Mask)
6 Entering the house of Skulltula (Ocarina of Time)
7 The Insane Fairy of the Fountain (Ocarina of Time)

My eyes! They burn!

8 Hand in the Toilet (Majora's Mask)

More like hilarious.

How the h**l did it get there in the first place? - Skullkid755

9 Night of the Stalchildren (Ocarina of Time)
10 Learning the Elegy of Emptiness (Majora's Mask) V 2 Comments

The Contenders

11 ReDead (Wind Waker)

The eyes! The god damn scream! - Lord28

12 Dead Hand (Ocarina of Time)

This thing scared the crap out of me my first time in the bottom of the well.

This is not an E rated game! - Lord28

13 The first time Ghirahim does his tongue thing (Skyward Sword) V 1 Comment
14 The Original Fire Temple Music (Ocarina of Time)

That chanting... I hate this temple because of the chanting. It terrifies me. Whenever I play through OoT, when I'm at the fire temple I nearly go insane from it. The fire temple itself and the music... It's too much.

I love the music

15 The Moon (Majora's Mask)
16 Going back to the first day (Majora's Mask)
17 Creation Story - Twilight Princess

Why u do dis to me Nintendo? why? Link is high and wants to eat your face! You can fit an apple into that huge mouth!

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