Top Ten Scariest Mario Characters

Halloween is coming up so I decided that I should do a list of the scariest characters in the mario universe. Here are the scariest mario characters

The Top Ten

1 Dimentio Dimentio is an evil harlequin magician and the main antagonist of the 2007 Nintendo Wii video game known as "Super Paper Mario". One of his notable features is that he has created his own Dimension, known as Dimension D.

Dimentio is without a doubt the scariest mario character ever! At first he might seem like charming magician who's more light-hearted than the other minions of Count Bleck (SPOILERS), but as you procced through your adventure, he gets more and more mysterious, before revealing himself to betraying the Count because he wants the chaos heart for himself so that he can delete the whole universe and create new "perfect" worlds for himself! If that's not scary then I don't know what's scary for you, he's truly a psychopath!

He's a lot like Bill Cipher and Kyubey's poker friend.

Still doesn't scare me.

2 Shadow Queen

Possibly the most terrifying moment from the Shadow Queen is during the first part of the battle when she literally devours the entire audience as they all scream in agony and replenishes her health.

I haven't played Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door yet, but from what I've heard, she is a soul that wants to take over the world, and she looks terryfying in her true form! She's so creepy!

The two above her are not scarier, their more or less more powerful.

3 Count Bleck Count Bleck, true name Lord Blumiere, is the central antagonist turned anti-hero of the 2007 Nintendo Wii videogame Super Paper Mario.

Of course, Count Bleck makes this list as well. He isn't as scary as Dimentio because, well, Count Bleck isn't a psychopath like him, but the fact that he was so depressed to the point where he decided to summon the chaos heart because he was so depressed because of spoiler reasons. He's truly the best mario villain out there! As well as one of the greatest mario characters of all time!

4 King Boo King Boo is the leader of all the Boos, and the main antagonist in both Luigi's Mansion and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

What would a scary mario list be without the king of ghosts himself, King Boo. One thing that makes him pretty scary is that he is the only, and I mean ONLY mario villain that has actually managed to capture Mario! That is an accomplishment! King Boo is easly one of the most scary mario villians. However he isn't nearly as scary as the characters above!

5 Cackletta

Cackletta is very creepy! She might not have mumch motivations other than ruling the world, but her design is very creepy! She gets even creepier in the game when she (SPOILERS) posseses Bowser's body and beacomes Bowletta, and then you get to fight her very own soul which is creepy at best! Truly creepy!

6 Mimi

The sounds she makes while cracking her neck are just gross.

This particular character wouldn't be on the list, but this character gives you the lovely image of a little girls neck cracking and spinning around and then turning into a demon spider, yeah, very lovely (not)

7 Antasma

Although I haven't played that much of Dream Team Bros. yet, Antasma has a very creepy design! Just look at him! Badass and creepy! I love him!

8 Bowser Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first more.

Now you might be thinking "Hey! He's not scary! He just has an obssesion with Peach! ". First off, if you ever played the original Paper Mario (which I haven't yet), Bowser manages to steal the star rod that can grant him any wish and he defeated the only ones who could guard it! And you know Bowser and the star rod togheter creates chaos and scaryness! On top of that in the Galaxy games he shows some intimidation! Truly scary!

9 The Lord of Lightning

Do I even need to explain? He's the most visually looking boss battle in the whole mario series and he is so big! I consider him to be a seperate character and not just a boss since he does have dialouge and you can speak to him

I fought him before. It was scary... and awesome.

10 Nastasia

She can hypnotize people into saying things agianst their will! This might not sound scary but once you play Super Paper Mario you know how much she almost destroyed the universe with this power!

The Contenders

11 Boohemoth
12 Thwomp

If you played super mario 64, and you're playing it a bit slowly... You would get the idea.

But the thwomp isn't even a character, he's a normal enemy, he shouldn't be on the list!

13 Maw-Ray
14 Mad Piano

The thing that scared us when we were 5 years old.

15 Brawl Doll
16 Giga Bowser

Woah! Now THIS is where the fun begins

17 Unagi The Eel
18 Morton Koopa Jr.
19 Dark Pit

Not even a Mario character

20 Birdo Birdo is a dinosaur that is well known for her (or his) confused Gender. It was originally stated that Birdo was a male who believed he was a female, but this was changed in later games. Birdo is commonly referred to as a girl, however, they are in a relationship with Yoshi. Birdo first appeared in more.
21 Chain Chomp
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