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1 Endermen

Those glowing eyes can be very terrifying when you are mining or when they go in your home.

These black guys teleport behind you and attack. Don't look in their eyes!

These creatures have evil stares!

The sounds they make freak me out! and they’re really fast ahh!

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2 Ghast

I saw them on the nether. I saw one and when I was about to shoot it, another one appear! And then another one! I ran, and then I got shot at another one at my face until I panic

They are really scary when you are walking and there is a ghast fireball exploding right in front of you!

Once in the nether I felt like I was being pushed. When I turned around, there was a ghast. AH!

Ghast are very terrifying as well as the sound they make

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3 Spider

You can't go to sleep because mobs are near by. So you go outside you don't see any. So you start walking and something attacks you from the roof of your house and you scream like a little girl

That moment When your mining and you run into a monster spawner spawning spiders with all the spider webs all over the place! The spider's walking sounds are creepy as well!

And I guess this is cause of real life

They have red, giant grins. They always turn and pounce. AHHH!

4 Wither

Oh my gosh their noises are so scary!

5 Creeper

Today I was playing (25/10/2016) and a creeper spawned right into my face and I so screamed like a little girl and my mom was like: "what's going on? " and I was like: "nothing mom, just a creeper"

Creep up on you and blow you up! At least other mobs don't cause damage... - HollyRolo

The guy who says(25/10/2016)Was before I killed Herobrine.Flasforward,sometimes when I walk past a creeper they will make a bom activated sound that makes me turn around and got bomed! I was lucky I got armor,it always happens to me,those sounds always caught my attentions.

6 Zombie Pig Man

They are so creepy! They look like they are rotting, and their moaning sounds get me every time! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

They are terrifying, admit it. Their noises, their rotting appearance, scary!

This should be higher

7 Zombie

I hate when they Sneak up on me

Watch out! Night's coming! RUUUN!

8 Enderdragon

I am afraid of humongous terrifying monsters even though they aren't really. When it charges at you to attack, your life will flash before you eyes. Good luck kilying It!

Sneaks up on you when your fighting it at the end,it hides at the dark,and when you try to find it,it immediately charged at you back and slain you down

9 Silverfish

I have a slight fear of silverfish. Whenever I see a silverfish, I immediately think about real life silverfish. I am petrified of silverfish in game and off game. They always make me shiver in terror and fright. By the way, look at pictures of real silverfish AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Super hostile has given me a strong fear of these things...

10 Skeleton

You need arrows when you're around a skeleton. They've got amazing range

With a bow and arrow, these guys are hardcore shooters.

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11 Herobrine

Guys, he's not real. He's terrifying, but not real. After all, there's no actual proof that he exists. If he was real, and dangerous, Minecraft would be shut down for investigation. So far, any 'evidence' is either a hoax or a glitch. So no, there is no way Herobrine could possibly- *sudden silence* - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Herobrine is so scary! And I mean the eyes dude

Gosh! He is so scary dude he is like dead Steve!

He's as scary as enderbrine

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12 Blaze

They can fly and make scary noises. They throw fireballs.

13 Witch
14 Phantom

Great job Mojang; you succeeded at making everyone go to sleep

Freaky. - ChuckLaunching

This mob is horrifying to be honest, it looks scary and in my opinion it’s the scariest mob since the wither

15 Cave Spider

They live in mines, have tiny legs, and a giant grin! So creepy!

16 Mutant Zombie

There giant zombie and hard to attack

17 Skeleton Wither
18 Husk
19 Spider Jockey


20 Elder Guardian

These green Squids shoot lasers at you. There are only a few of them, but they are giant.

WHY isn't THIS HIGHER!? they always stare at you and if that wasnt enough, they cast mining fatigue by a ghostly jumpscare

21 Mobzilla


22 Evil Dogs
23 Null

I think is scary

24 Witherboss
25 Mooshroom
26 Squid

I always preferred these guys creepy, as they can float in midair if you spawn them there.

27 Bats

Even though these guys are harmless, I still don't like watching them fly.

28 Minecraft Pig
29 Skeleton Horse
30 Stray
31 Mutant Creeper

Those big scary green four-legged creepers are scary and, they have really big explosions
The best thing about them is that you kill them and they lay a egg

32 Shulker

These are so strong and so scary when they die

33 Zombie Villagers

These are scary villagers that have risen from the dead!

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