Top Ten Scariest Modded Minecraft Bosses or Mobs

The Top Ten

1 Rahovart (Lycanite's Mobs)

So why? When you activate the altar with a soul key, a demonic voice says the word on the screen. "Rahovart." Then a nether brick arena with hellfire-tipped battlements builds with music, and as a hellfire pillar erupts from the sky, Rahovart laughs an evil laugh, and the battle begins. Scary, right?

2 Slenderman (You Can Guess)

Static like the game. And he howls on death.

3 Animatronics (Any FNAF Mod)

You know, to jump-scare you, they do it on death...

4 The Rake (Creepypasta)

It's an albino psycho monkey on the track team.

5 Mutant Enderman (Mutant Creatures)

More cool than creepy, but when you see him...just scares you...

6 Mega John (John)

A big ghost? with bloody tears and a stomach mouth.

7 Herobrine (Any Herobrine Mod)

No introduction needed.

Sometimes he is scary in the dark,traps people,haunts them.

8 Weeping Angels (GUESS!)

Like in Doctor Who.

9 King Lemonator (Project Fruit)

Scary, but derpy.

10 Jeff (Creepypasta)

Like the creepypasta...

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