Top Ten Scariest Modded Minecraft Bosses or Mobs

The Top Ten Scariest Modded Minecraft Bosses or Mobs

1 Slenderman (You Can Guess)

Static like the game. And he howls on death.

2 Rahovart (Lycanite's Mobs)

So why? When you activate the altar with a soul key, a demonic voice says the word on the screen. "Rahovart." Then a nether brick arena with hellfire-tipped battlements builds with music, and as a hellfire pillar erupts from the sky, Rahovart laughs an evil laugh, and the battle begins. Scary, right?

3 Animatronics (Any FNAF Mod)

You know, to jump-scare you, they do it on death...

4 The Rake (Creepypasta)

It's an albino psycho monkey on the track team.

5 Mutant Enderman (Mutant Creatures)

More cool than creepy, but when you see him...just scares you...

6 Mega John (John)

A big ghost? with bloody tears and a stomach mouth.

7 Herobrine (Any Herobrine Mod)

killed it with using like 14 totem of undying

No introduction needed.

Sometimes he is scary in the dark,traps people,haunts them.

8 Weeping Angels (GUESS!)

Like in Doctor Who.

9 King Lemonator (Project Fruit)

Scary, but derpy.

10 Jeff (Creepypasta)

Like the creepypasta...

The Contenders

11 Kraken (Orespawn)

Terrifying in my opinion. Giant teeth, makes it rain, can pick up the player and throw him. Just terrifying in general.

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