Scariest Moments In Five Night's at Freddy's

We're poor little souls who have lost all control, and we're forced here to take that role. This list includes moments from the sequel too.

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1 Seeing Foxy run down the hallway

Haha this scared me a lot but made me laugh my face off like watch the way he runs and the way he comes into the office its like he just said "Hey came to tell you the pizza's ready"


I don't think that's creepy but Foxy's foot steps sometimes interrupt my door closing and camera watching.

Nobody is going to slow Foxy down, oh no

Foxy: Hey dude, just wanted to let you know the pizza's ready. - Tyler730

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2 Bonnie/Chica at the Corner
3 Not knowing where an animatronic is

Could be Backstage.. Could be in the hall... Could be in the dining ro... AH! - ethanmeinster

Where'd it go? Where is it? WHERE THE %$@! IS IT?!?!?!? OH MY GO-

Whare are the robots!? They must be in the stage... the backstage... the dining room... no! The ball wa-. Ahhh! Bonnie what the - um excuse me bonnie I need a new pants!

4 Hallucinations

Woah, that's the creepiest. If you're looking at cams fast, you're not ready to see it when you close them.

They are the "golden" jump scares of the series. - sdgeek2003

Golden Freddy in your office is creepy, but it can easily be fixed. However, for newbies, they don't know what to do. Also, "IT'S ME" - ethanmeinster

The puppet hallucinations! #

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5 Seeing Freddy's eyes flash in the darkness when you lose power

Well in my opinion, It minds me of a face of Fozy from Muppets

6 Not playing the music box and Puppet coming at you

The Freddy Fazbear mask won't work on him. Be sure to play the music box every once in a while. If you hear "Pop Goes the Weasel playing when you aren't using the music box, he's coming at you. There's no way to stop Puppet once he's out. - ethanmeinster

I purposely let the music wind down. I stared at the box the rest of the night -
nothing happened.

7 Hearing breathing while watching the security cameras

I can't even play the game with audio because of the sounds in the background, well... time to buy some new pants =(

8 Seeing Mangle in the hall in front of you

No, I just flipped the finger at it. - KennyRulz244444

9 Old Bonnie in your office

This scared the crap outta me.

Be quick to put on the mask. - ethanmeinster

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10 Balloon Boy in your office

He won't pop out at you and stuff you into a suit, but he will leave you defenseless against Foxy, as he takes out the flashlight. - ethanmeinster

Its not like he scares me he is just annoying like his pal is foxy he will wait at the corner of your office you'r distracted then foxy comes like "Sup bruh" SO ANNOYING WHO AGREES?

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11 Freddy Sneaking Into Your Room And Jumpscaring You
12 Golden Freddy Easter Egg
13 Screen cutting to black after you run out of power for ten seconds then Freddy pops out of nowhere
14 Freddy's Demonic Laughing
15 When Springtrap is in the vents before you can seal them

He deserves way more credit, guys x3 - TheAlbinoWolf

16 The Jumpscares

One second your fine, then the next BOOM! YOU DIE.

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17 Bonnie's Jumpscare
18 Chica's Jumpscare
19 Watching camera and not noticing golden freddy popped out

Golden Freddy is very immpatient. It is the only animatronic that
can pop out when checking the camera. It scared me a little.

20 Death Screens
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1. Seeing Foxy run down the hallway
2. Bonnie/Chica at the Corner
3. Seeing Freddy's eyes flash in the darkness when you lose power



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