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21 Lisa Trevor / Resident Evil
22 Fatalities/Mortal Kombat Franchise

Maybe not that scary but very bloody, brutal, gory and just shocking - Irina2932

Actually, the fatality song is more scary than the fatalities - LegitRising

23 Shadow Temple / The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I kind of expected that it would be dark and frightening and with ninjas running around in the shadows, but not horrifying zombies, torture devices, a ghost ship and molester mummies. - TheGrammarPolice

I personally think this should've been MUCH higher on the list!

Dead hand, ReDeads, bongo bongo, the music, torture, blood, ghosts, demons, and all rated E for Everyone!

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24 Scary Face - The Scary Maze Game

That is the face of Reagan Macneil. You know, the scary demon possessed girl from The Exorcist?

It was hilarious when that one guy punched through his computer screen when the face popped up

25 Radiation's Halloween Hack - Earthbound
26 Buried Alive / Pokemon
27 The Mad Piano - Super Mario 64

This is supposed to be a kids game. Going to jump on a piano and then it turns out it has teeth. I was going to jump right into its mouth. - TheGrammarPolice

28 The Staring Bunny / Silent Hill 4

Very freaky, easily the scariest part of the game

29 Luigi's Shadow / Luigi's Mansion

It was like Luigi was being hung! - birdfguy2001

I saw that, it was creepy

30 3 Pages or Higher / Slender

Then Slenderman will get faster and your screen will occasionly glitch due to him teleporting. Also he will be able to catch you. - hhutc9

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31 The End of the World - Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
32 The Mirror Scene - Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge

It's so scary you walk up to a mirror autonomously and she is there with her face down! What will happen? Then you turn around and no one is there phew and you turn to face the mirror again and eh head is staring at you with her arms out, teleports right to your face looking away and BAM screams at you and shatters the Mirror! Look it up on YouTube please!

Got nightmares for a week, the ghost girl looks like something out of the Grudge or the Ring.

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33 Hidden Message - Sonic CD

Okay, what is going on? Why is Tingle Sonic a thing? WHAT IS THIS NIGHTMARE?!

Worse the song

34 Who are you running from? - Game Boy Camera

Easily my vote. One of the few things in a video game (and one of the few things in general) to keep me up at night - DarkShadows

35 Seeing Herobrine - MineCraft

This is top 1 for me because HE IS AN URBAN LEGEND - herobrine_2288

He is not real. - ZeroxOmegaz

36 TN-01 Bane Fight - Batman Arkham Origins
37 Foxy Rushing Down The Hall - Five Nights at Freddy's

It's really terrifying if he rushes down the hall because it basically signifies your death.

I was playing the game and I was checking the cameras, then Foxy came out of nowhere and scared me so bad. - Pegasister12

Once you see him coming down the hall you only get 1 second to close the door.
So remember whenever you see the curtains open at pirates cove. Shut the door. - nintendofan126

38 The True Laboratory / Undertale
39 Omega Flowey / Undertale
40 That First Boss(The guy that teleports) / Darkwatch

he teleports to the screen -

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