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241 Crazy Jake - Out of Jimmy's Head
242 Face Peel - Poltergeist

The reason it's on here is because it was rated PG back the and I'm sure thousands of kids were scared for life because of this scene. This also NOT a kids Movie! Just because it's rated PG doesn't mean it's for kids. Understand?

You said it. I was scared to death when I saw this part as a little one.

243 Sabertooth's Bad Flashback from Weapon X, Lies, and Video Tape (X-Men)
244 K'nuckles' Hallucination from K'nuckles and His Hilarious Problem (The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack)
245 The Baby Animatronic - Baby Geniuses
246 Fluffy the Undead Fish - Stoked

This show, 6teen, And total drama island weren't even made for kids.

247 Evil Jimmy's World - The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Such a terrifying world evil jimmy created.

248 Bunny's Dying - Watership Down
249 Gladys Threatens Grim In Circus of Fear - The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
250 Blob Scene (Muppet Babies)
251 Nanny's Slop (The Blob) from the Invasion of the Snackers (Muppet Babies)
252 The Troll (Ernest Scared Stupid)

I don't know what's more scarier. This thing or internet trolls.

253 Violin Girl (Courage the Cowardly Dog)

Stopmotion, more like SCARYmotion

254 Hannah Unmasks the Faceless Girl (The Haunting Hour)
255 SpongeBob Goes Insane (Bummer Vacation)
256 Zombies (Happy Tree Friends)

This show was supposed to be for kids, but not at all!

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257 Goofy's Daydream (An Extremely Goofy Movie)

Not scary at all. It was just plain creepy.

258 How About a Hug? (The Simpsons)

This one's from the episode "Brother from The Same Planet"

259 The Pleasure Island Sequence - (Pinocchio)

Also every scene the stagecoach is in

260 Bambi's Zombie Mom - MAD
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