Top Ten Scariest Moments In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


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1 Pinkie Pie loses it

Yeah... That was pretty scary

The birth of cupcakes...

To be honest it was just weird

That was creepy!

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2 Twilight's Creepy Faces

Those faces are stuck in my head! - Pony

SHIVERS those faces appear in my nightmares.

That was hilarious for me

Am I the only one who laughed so hard when I saw it that I spit out my food and couldn't breathe? Yes? Ok..

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3 The Timberwolves

Why don't vote this people.The Timber wolves are pretty scary looking.My top scariest episodes are of one 4.scare master 3.lesson zero 2.castle mania 1.28 PRANKS LATER

4 Rainbow Dash getting stuck in the boulder
5 Sweetie Belle's Nightmare

Sweetie Belle dreams about her actions destroying Rarity in every way, eliminating most aspects of Rarity's identity. That is scary.

During Sweetie Belle's visit to see what the future may hold, it basically shows Rarity going mentally insane. She is made fun of all over Ponyville, maybe even EQUESTRIA, makes her workshop look totally abandoned, and rejects herself from the Mane 6, with Sweetie Belle screaming and crying very realistically the entire time. Enough to give you the same nightmare for a week.

Very scary. I thought it was scarier than pinkie pie goes crazy.

Actually, I found this very scary...

6 Crazy Twilight in Lesson Zero
7 G3 Pinkie Pie in Too Many Pinkie Pies

KILL IT WITH FIRE! - gizzmokids


8 Flutterrage in The Best Night Ever

Come on people that was HILARIOUS!


9 Granny Smith's Fake Corpse in Scare Master
10 Rarity in her Inspiration Manifestation spell

I liked that episode

The Newcomers

? Sunset Shimmer Getting the Crown and Putting It on and Turning Into a Demon in 2013
? Rainbooms Battle


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11 Transformation of Queen Chrysalis in A Canterlot Wedding Part 2

This wasn't scary. It was EPIC! - RiverClanRocks

If you ask me, that was EPIC!

It WAS scary, and NOT epic!

12 Eye Hallway in Hurricane Fluttershy

If I experienced one of these I'd suffer a massive stroke. - Pony

13 Fluttershy wrestling a ferocious bear in Lesson Zero

It basically looks like shes abusing the poor animal.

14 The whole "In Our Town" song


15 What Spike saw in The Crystal Empire
16 Scootaloo's bloodshot eyes in Sleepless in Ponyville

Ok, I hate violence, and I'm a pretty nice person, but when I see the word blood, it makes me think of scary things, scary!

That freaked me out!

You know, for kids!

17 Fluttershy turns into Flutterbat in Bats!
18 Trixie's Alicorn Amulet in Magic Duel
19 Fluttershy turns into Flutterhulk in Power Ponies
20 Sunset Shimmer's transformation into a She-Demon in Mlp Equestria Girls

It was pretty scary

21 Fluttershy threatens Twilight Sparkle in Magic Duel
22 The Headless Horse in Sleepless in Ponyville
23 Twilight Sparkle turns into Rapidash in Feeling Pinkie Keen
24 Princess Cadence or (Queen Chrysalis) trapping twilight sparkle in the Canterlot Caves in A Canterlot Wedding
25 The White Eyes in The Cutie Mark Chronicles
26 Transformation of Princess Luna turning into Nightmare Moon in Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1
27 Princess Celestia's and King Sombra's Dark Magic in The Crystal Empire Part 1
28 Pinkie Pie's Mental Breakdown in The Last Roundup
29 The Chimera In Somepony to Watch Over Me
30 Pound Cake Walking On The Ceiling in Baby Cakes
31 Pinkie Pie's Twitch in Party of One
32 Creepy Eyes in Filli Vanilli
33 Spikezilla In Secret of My Excess
34 King Sombra Exploding

That has got to be the first death in MLP

That has got to be the on,y death in MLP! You actually saw him being ripped apart from his legs, arms, face and horn!

35 Midnight Sparkle Transformation from Friendship Games
36 Something I'd Like to See
37 The Dazzlings Transformation and Their Red Eyes
38 Welcome to the Show and Music in Our hearts and sunset shimmer ponying up In 2014
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