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1 The Subliminal Face - The Exorcist

This always freaks me out every time I watch it. This entire movie was scary and f'ed up! - fireinside96

If this is not scary nothing is. It should be number 1 not 2. The chest burs is so fake. Its like cartoon

I admit that I didn't finish the film, but I'm not sure if I've seen that face before. Is it that scene where it's only a pale face with that yellow teeth and wide eyes? Or is it just Reagan as Pazuzu? - MontyPython

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2 Chest Burst Scene - Alien

Only uneducated people could call this scene a fake! It became classic because of realism. Yes, it's a SCI-FI movie but Ridley Scott made it look so truthful. The whole film was creepy. The Chest Burst Scene is probably its highlight - Alexandr

You know that during this scene they used real blood and guts from a butcher shop and the people who made the film didn't tell the actors what was going to happen, so the actors were genuinely scared. they just don't make em like they used to.

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3 The Shower Scene - Psycho

The quintessential fright scene by which all later movies are measured - Hitchcock at his best -THE YARDSTICK

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4 Final Scene - Paranormal Activity

Really scary and well done

5 Jason Grabs Alice From the Boat - Friday the 13th

I read Stephen King all the time, and this scared the crap out of me!

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6 Pennywise In the Shower Drain - It

Sometimes I fear to go in the shower. Scary, scary stuff to get in your mind oh my

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7 Hannibal's Escape From Jail - Silence of the Lambs

Just plain scary folks

Buffalo Bill was much more creepy.

8 Room 237 - The Shining

That SLOW approach of Jack Nicholson towards the bath - we can see there's something there-but what? I still have to watch this through my fingers!

My parents make me close my eyes at nudity but the second time I watched this movie and watched this scene I was horrified.

The eye candy was good but then it turn into a laughing scary and oh god I'm skipping this scene!

9 The Toy Clown - Poltergeist

No more clowns, to this day I can't even look at a toy clown without out. - egnomac

10 The Skinny Dip Scene - Jaws

Great Movie maybe one of the best I've ever scene, But this movie is NOT scary.

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? Demon Grabs Father Merrin in the Cave - Exorcist: The Beginning

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11 Birthday Party Scene - Signs

Ohhhhh, nightmares. Its so scary because its the last thing (for me anyways) to expect to see. I was expecting it to be seen watching the group but then it panned over and BAM(! ) it bolts from the bushes. - fireinside96

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12 The Blood Testing Scene - The Thing V 1 Comment
13 Dinner Scene - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

So traumatizing! It feels like you're in it! It's was traumatizing for both the audience and actors! Also that's Marlyln Burns REAL blood when Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface) cuts her ding so John Dugan (Granpa) can drink it

14 Large Marge - Peewee's Big Adventure

The scariest moment of my life because I was only 7 years old. My dad goes to the bathroom. So I am left in the dark basement alone. One minute later the old hags face explodes into a gore fest. Her eyes pop out of her skull and become huge. Her jaw drops in to a bloody mess. And she makes a hellbound sound that still traumatizes me to this day.

I remember that scene not scariest scene but scared me the most since I was a kid that pervert should be ashamed laugh out loud

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15 Ending - The Descent
16 The Subway Scene - Cloverfield

This was the scene that scared me the most, their walking through the dark subway tunnels and without warning they get attacked by these little parasite creatures adding to the fact the whole movie is shot on a video camera makes the scene even more terrifying especially.

17 The Tree - Poltergiest
18 Carrie's Hand - Carrie

I'm rarely ever scared by anything, and I gasped when her hand popped out... - MoldySock

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19 The Stranger Is Right Behind You - The Strangers

It's the first scare of the movie. The woman is just standing there when a man with a bag over HUD head comes behind her and stands there for a whole minute. The camera shot changes but then moves back and he's gone... Amazing movie.

This scene is so well-shot and so scary! This didn't have to rely on a loud sound effect or in-your-face violence for this. It is just good old-fashioned tension/suspense/terror.

20 Ending - Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978)
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