Top 10 Scariest Movies of 2000-2010

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1 Paranormal Activity

This has to be the only movie that I have got in my collection which I can not watch on my own!

Very scary, watching this, suspenseful indeed

Me and my friends were so scared of this movie, that we had a contest that whoever screams the most gets to buy us some sodas.

I never heard anyone yell the F word so many times in my life! And my parents were in the Navy.

2 The Ring

One of the scariest movies EVER! I couldn't watch this home alone..

It may not seem scary when your in a room with your friends, laughing at the person about to get killed by samara, but when you watch it alone, he will have an excuse to buy a nightlight as a teenager.

Horror Movies 2000 and up Suck but the ring is the only one I liked

It's good for passing time, I've watched it a few times - Ananya

3 Insidious

Maybe it's not the the scariest movie since 2000 but it is definitely scarier than Cloverfeild.

Terrifying! The kind of movie that no matter how old you are you'll pull the covers over you eyes!

To me in my opinion this movie is scarier than saw or paranormal activity, I don't know what it is those movies just don't scare me. To me saw is just another sick! Movie a bout toture and killing.

Yeah! Insidious 1 and 2 - both are great! With great storyline and characters an all - Ananya

4 Saw

omg so gross! awesome movie! go jigsaw!

What a badass movie - Ananya

5 Cloverfield

imagine if this happened in real life. it would be f-in scary and the whole world would go haywire

6 28 Days Later

Not as scary but a great movie

In a house - in a heartbeat - Ananya

7 The Descent

The Decent has so many ways to scare you, it builds suspense and you don't see the monster for a good 45 mins, this gives time to build character, and seeing them climb through tunnels is very claustrophobic and scary, there are many great moments to make you jump in fear. It is so dark, claustrophobic and all around scary! That is why it takes #1 The fight scenes are great and I think on a scariest movies of all time list it would be very close to the top!

This movie is full of Extremely jumpy scenes! First movie in a LONG time to actually make me jump and fear what is coming next. (I recommend this movie on high volumes)

Scarier than 28 days later, clover field defiantly in the top 5

Better than most on list

8 The Mist

Absolutely kool tongue in cheek monster flick that is 100% Stepehen King, what you don't see scares ya!

Oh man, he should have waited, he shouldn't have killed his entire family­čś× - Ananya

9 Hostel

Not gory, I've watched it 3 or 4 times I guess - Ananya

10 Orphan

Did not scare me and I am 11

I love this movie! So fun to watch

I've watched this one too, the story is horrifying and unique - the conclusion is that the moveie is great! - Ananya

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11 30 Days Of Night

Another great yet tragic movie! - Ananya

12 The Strangers

I am a big fan of many movies on this list. This one in particular continues to scare me each time I watch it. The idea that random acts like this can happen anywhere at any time... Terrifying.

I just love how this could actually happen to anyone. It makes the movie even scarier to me. It just makes you more aware of your surroundings.

The Strangers is a very scary yet very real movie, the fear is, is that it could happen to everyone and it did happen, it makes you Parinoid and never let's up until the very ending credits

particularly terrifying.. - Ananya

13 Inside

I almost disgorged - Ananya

14 Martyrs
15 [REC]

How the hack is going on earth with REC wasn't ─▒n top 3? - Yina


16 Wrong Turn

This should be number one ok its so scary

This is super scary. That white headed 'ghost'is a no messy and it will make your feel that your turn was damn wrong.

17 [REC] 2
18 A Serbian Film

It's the most controversial movie declared by many sites - I've not watched it yet - Ananya

19 The Fourth Kind

This movie is disturbing. It isn't just scary when you watch it but when your home alone you just have that feeling that you'll be abducted.

It's based on a true story, I couldn't believe the girl was thought to be taken away by aliens - Ananya

20 The Grudge

The scariest one along with saw and hostel

Not scary! - Ananya

21 Cabin Fever

I watched it when I was 7 or 8 - Ananya

22 Drag Me to Hell

Another tragedy - after trying so hard to save her life, she dies... - Ananya

23 Final Destination 2

I'm bored of this, but FD 3 is better - Ananya

24 Terminal Invasion
25 Let the Right One In


26 Final Destination
27 Wilderness
28 High Tension
29 Venom

Creepy and very impressive movie with some very cool killings. The acting was decent too. Watch it please! - Magnolia

30 AVP: Alien vs. Predator
31 Frontier(s)

Even though it is in french it is the scariest film I have ever seen now like the paranormal nonsense that you watch with your girlfriend and act scared for fun

32 The Hole

If you have watched the film you will want to put your puppets away!

Not scary at all - Ananya

33 The Woman in Black
34 Dark Flight
35 Coraline
36 Saw III
37 Freddy vs Jason
38 Halloween

Rob Zombie is one of my favorite directors of all time, bringing back horror icon Michael Myers was a riskey move but in my opinion he pulled it off great! Not a lot of people share this opinion but it is my opinion it is the best horror reboot ever!

39 The Devils Rejects

This also may not be the most scary but, it has a great story line, again made by Rob Zombie, it is his master peice, it is my FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME! Great characters too.

40 Cloverfeild

Cloverfeild brings back the post 9/11 feeling in with a Godzilla sort of theme to it, it is very scary!

41 Dead Silence

Oh! That Marionette... - Top10Choices

Really,it was scary when I watched it 6 years ago - Ananya

42 Children of the Corn

Ewww. Creepy kids... - Top10Choices

43 Saw: The Final Chapter
44 The Human Centipede
45 Saw IV
46 Hollow Man

He shouldn't have died! I hated that girl - Ananya

47 The Exorcism of Emily Rose

It was boring - Ananya

48 Final Destination 3
49 Halloween II (2009)
50 Saw V
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