Scariest Movies of the 50s


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1 Godzilla

Yes! I've been looking for a list like this for forever. Godzilla rocks! - Scr3aM

Maybe not the scariest but the coolest - Alexandr

2 The Thing from Another World

Yes guys, The Thing (1982) was a remake. This one was first and no less scary! - Alexandr

3 Invaders from Mars

Great film that inspired many generations. Funny thing - it was bashed back then - Alexandr

4 Them!

One of the best films from the 50's - Alexandr

5 Invasion of the Body Snatchers

The 1978 remake is much scarier but this one is masterpiece! Nothing can change that - Alexandr

6 It Came from Outer Space

Some people believe this movie inspired Ridley Scott's Alien. I don't think so but the movie is awesome too - Alexandr

7 Tarantula

Nice effects for that time - Alexandr

8 Creature from the Black Lagoon
9 House On Haunted Hill (1959)

This movie is such a classic. It's Vincent Price, what could go wrong? - Scr3aM

10 Thirteen Ghosts

The poster shown here is for the remake.

The Contenders

11 The Killer Shrews

This movie looks, uh, fantastic - Scr3aM

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1. Godzilla
2. The Thing from Another World
3. Invaders from Mars



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