Scariest Movies of the 60s


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1 Psycho

Iconic plot that was copied in many other films. Iconic victim's scream! Iconic final twist! - Alexandr

I did not want to go in the shower again.

2 The Birds

Need I introduce this classic? - Alexandr

3 Mothra

Here's some cult classics from Japan. I was crazy about it when I was a kid - Alexandr

4 Rosemary's Baby

Roman Polanski directed this adaptation of Ira Levin's best-seller about an actor's wife, who is chosen to bear the son o' Satan. - Alexandr

5 Black Sabbath Black Sabbath were a Heavy Metal band formed in Birmingham, England in 1968 by guitarist and songwriter Tony Iommi, Singer Ozzy Osbourne, Bassist and Main Lyricist Geezer Butler and Drummer Bill Ward. The band got into mainstream after improving after their debut album got negative feedback. In 1978, more.

One of my favorite movies from Mario Bava! Unique 3 stories. By the way, Story 1 inspired Scream series - Alexandr

6 2000 Maniacs
7 Night of the Living Dead

Honestly, I prefer the 1990 remake but I can't ignore the classic which started it all! - Alexandr

8 Kill, Baby, Kill!

Creepy, haunting tale from director Mario Bava - Alexandr

9 Blood and Black Lace

One of the first slasher movies but later considered as a giallo film. - Alexandr

10 Village of the Damned

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11 The Astro-Zombies
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