To understand the Exorcist you need to put it in the right context. Until this movie came Out Hollywood horror films were camp. They were fun we would take our girlfriend to the movies and the guys would make smart ass remarks and the girls would giggle. The Exorcist was not fun or camp. We could not believe what we were seeing and could not take our eyes off it. The seen Regans head turned around and then you heard that voice.!!! If you have seen this movie then you know the voice that came from this things mouth and will remember the rest of your life. One more thing the seen where the priest gets out of the taxi and is standing in the dark with a single beam of light coming from the upstairs window. Seems harmless enough except we know what's waiting for the priest up those stairs. As you can probably tell this one get my vote for scariest movie all-time. St least this one mans opinion. Anyway I'm C Wells some Of you will agree and some won't that why they haves for these sort Of things.


Well, I love The Exorcist very much and I understood this film but still think it wasn't scary. Maybe some parts but the whole movie wasn't scary. Please notice, I love this film and have nothing against its story. Just wonder when people call it "the scariest ever" - Alexandr

Agreed. This film was honestly scary as hell for me -_- - Buro1234

Well, not the very scariest for me (? ) - visitor

The power of Christ compels you --SCARY - visitor

Two words:
Mike Oldfield is a genius. - visitor

Wasn't that scary - Ananya