The Conjuring


I haven't seen many horror movies... In fact I haven't seen many movies at all... But after watching the conjuring in daylight (12-14 pm) I couldn't go to sleep easily for more than a week... Because it's a true horror movie... It's not a slash movie full of blood a cut parts of body... Something very scary about the movie is its true story and the fact that it's not only about a serial killer or deadly virus but about a cursed house and a witch who knows the evil as her master... No one dies in the movie and there aren't many animation scenes but it's very scary because it attacks your mind your beliefs... And the fact that it can happen to all of us... But at last... God help the characters and save them from evil... Well... you know... only God can save us...

They rated this an R for a reason. If you get creeped about demons in your house prepare not to sleep for ages. I have a large wardrobe like in the movie in my bedroom and I haven't got any sleep for weeks. There are only 2-3 scenes with hardly any blood apart from the possesion and the hanging bit and hardly any gore whatsoever however they rated it an R because it is so scary and tense. To make it worse it could happen to you and it is a true story. All of it. Should be number 1. The first horror film I saw was the Woman in Black and even that scared me. This is infinity times scarier than anything ever made. A classic that will scare for years to come.

This movie is based on a true story and is very tastefully produced. It will scare your pants off whether you believe in God or evolution. in my humble opinion, it really should rise to #1.

I for one believe in God, KNOWING all life was not spawn from a hot foamy slough hole. KNOWING is as simple as humbling oneself and taking a knee. I can feel my own spirit hovering in my body.

I am a massive fan of horrors, yet I have never truly found a horror that has actually scared me. I have been watching horrors from the age of four and my first being sleepy hollow and deep blue sea. When I saw the conjuring in the cinema with my boyfriend he did not jump at all instead watch me jump, this has been the only film that has come close to scaring me so far (because it is quite jumpy).

Watch this movie at night, amongst candles with the windows open and doors unlocked. Be sure to have a diaper close by. The battle between Good & Evil is ongoing. Those voices in your head are NOT from the brain short circuiting, but rather are the whispers of demons sent from the depths of hell fighting to steal your soul for eternity.

The Most Scariest Movie ever, Scary as Hell as well as good story. According to me, my top 3 best Scariest movies include Conjuring, Paranormal Activity and Sinister. Some movies like The Exorcist, The Ring are good in story but aren't that Scary as these movies mentioned earlier.

This made me fall off the clutch when the girl jumped off the top of the wardrobe and when she's all like, "Wanna play hide and clap? " UGH that is stuck in my head the voice and when the girl falls down in the basement and then she sees Rori just their and then he disappears into no where and then the girl that hung her self she fell off a beam and turned and started going towards her oh it scared the hell out of me Ugh if you love of like scary movies this is good

I do not scare easy and find modern horror films rather boring. The Conjuring scared the living and dead out of me. I've seen all the films on this list. Most of them are good, but none of them had the effect that The Conjuring had on me. #1 Scariest Movie of All Time!

The absolute scariest movie of all time. It's very realistic and cuts out and need for sci fi effects. Its appealing because of its natural vibe making it far scarier than seeing a monster on T.V.. The scariest EVER without a doubt.

This was the second scariest Movie I've ever seen, with Sinister being number 1. Even though this Movie is a Little less scarier than Sinister. This was better "Movie-wise". Great story, good acting, good effects, great scares etc. But this is a must see to horror Movie fans.

The Conjuring must be 1st because it's very scary not just scary, thrill and demonic possession it's scary than exorcist ya it's about possess to but not really scary like conjuring someone grab your feet you thought it was your sister, playing hide and clap and you thought it was hiding there but it's a ghost and someone clap behind you when your locked at the basement and pop out a very scary face and it was a sad movie tooand it is based on a true story and the exorcist too but the conjuring is more original than the exorcist in real life but movie it was new.

I absolutely loved this movie, it is dark and has its share of jump scares and dark moments... its not one of those movies where its pure horror making you want to leave the room rather it's a story that reels you in and makes you want to keep watching

How can the Conjuring not be in the top 10 but the Shining, It, Halloween and Friday the 13 are there.

I was pretty shook up after seeing this in theaters. This movie did something to me mentally. I was scared all the way home, in bed, and for a little while after seeing it. This is truly a great horror film and one of the better ones as of late. - DMacLean15

I loved this film, however I didn't find it scary at all instead I was crying because it upset me that she was trying to kill her children I watched this and I'm only 12 and it is one of the best films I've watched.

This is the most scariest movies I have ever seen this is the funny part most of is true I have read lots a facts about this movie sleeping isn't the same anymore

Iam very attached to the conjuring. I really want to go to the harrisville Rhode Island farmhouse and live in that farmhouse for several days so that I can discover the truth. The night I watched the movie I thought that all the paranormal activity has happened to me. When I came to know that the story is true that was the most surprising moment. From the day I watched the movie I am searching for what really happened in that farmhouse. Hello I am from India and I would like to solve what really happened to the perrons

THIS SCARED THE SIT OUT OF ME! Never watching a scary movie at midnight with no lights and all alone :I

Seriously The conjuring Deserves to be in the 1st place.. Its Realistic and well crafted. After watching conjuring I slept with lights on for about a month... No matter what, for me this is the scariest movie ever, and yes I have watched each and every movie mentioned above.. And so far this one is the scariest of all. Hands Down.

Agreed! Easily the scariest movie of all time. I've watched it only twice and promised myself not to watch it again because of how spooky it was. Both times were with friends also. I would never in my life watch it alone. You could't even pay me to do it. I honestly think it doesn't get enough credit for how scary it is. HIGHLY under rated in my opinion.

This must be top 1 on the list. Because it's so scary it's the scariest movie I've ever seen and I think this is the scariest movie ever made. This has the greates hits of all the time. And it has a nice story than the exorcist it's just worst story and vomiting it's not scary. So I voted this because it's so scary and so nice story.

This movie is great cause it doesn't even have any Profanity, Sex Scenes, none of that. It has to be my favourite horror movie in my opinion. - Mumbizz01

Most present-day horror movies are bore-fests and are always terrible. Although, this is probably one of the best horror movies in years and was one of the scariest since "The Exorcist". This is the first horror movie that had an impact on my sleep. Recommend to any one who wants to see a good and scary movie. Not for the faint of heart.

This movie is SCARY this should be in 2nd place this is just like the Exorcist but Exorcist is a little bit more scarier, but I got crept out like 100 times including the Annabelle part.

I've seen so many scary movies by now, it really takes a movie to give me chills. This movie had me on edge, it had me clutching onto my friend, it had me chewing my nails down to the bone.