The Exorcist


I have heard rumors that the movie was cursed. right before filming the crucifix masturbation scene Linda Blair broke her harness, injuring her. it actually took me like nine months to get over this feeling. I did really good and I didn't worry so much. but the thing is, the whole feeling is left with out. it's left with the audience to make of what they will. and that's what people took away from the film. if you believe that the world was a dark and evil place, where children were mysteriously destroyed from within, that's what you took away from the exorcist. also, if you thought there was a force for good, constantly at war with the darker forces within us, and that sometimes they would triumph, not always, that's what you took away from the film.
You're left with the choice to think if you're cursed or not because sometimes it's really you who causes all the stress and anxiety from worrying so much.

The Exorcist, in my opinion, is more of an agnostic film. agnosticism ...more

To me, it's still the scariest movie of all time. It was one of those movies that stayed with you. I remember seeing it and having my eyes closed through much of it. After seeing it, whenever I heard that song on the radio, I think it was called Tubular Bells, it gave me chills. - prash007

Also an actor died on set. It was the actor whom played Burke Dennings. - MontyPython

My all-time favorite movie! Gotta love Linda Blair as Regan, the possessed 12-year-old girl. Seriously, Linda's such a babe. Ellen Burstyn was brilliant as well, as the mother who is desperately trying to save her daughter from the demon who possessed her. The entire cast was amazing. I love the theme "Tubular Bells," as well. Everything about this film is perfect, especially considering this was made back in 1973. I wish I was around the time it came out in theaters, I wasn't even born then. Definitely a real treat!

This and poltergeist are were hands down the scariest movies of their time. And quite honestly since then scary movies haven't been "scary"...just bloody with creepy music. Aside from elm street's Freddy Krueger, there haven't been any horrifying characters that really haunt your dreams since I was a child. In fact the only modern horror film that has scared me as an adult was insidious. Which is a great movie and should be at least #3 on this list.

I watched this for the first time when I was 14 and I didn't sleep for a week! I watched this when I was 40 and still didn't sleep for a week! That's why for me, this is the scariest movie ever made.
When they created this movie it wasn't only about the scare factor, but it was also had great acting and a great story to back it up.
I've watched many, if not all mainstream horror movies, and I have yet to see anything that comes close to the Exorcist!

A profoundly disturbing film that remains in a class by itself. Extremely well crafted movie. Great acting, production values, music. Anyone who believes in God & the reality of spiritual good & evil (nearly 80% of Americans) will likely be powerfully affected by this film. Unlike superficial slasher, blood & guts cheap thrill flicks, The Exorcist tends to stay with you for many years.

This is undoubtedly the scariest movie of all time, especially for one who knows there is God. Because, ergo, there is Satan. And he is quite capable of this. Sure, slasher flicks have blood and guts and the maniacal, but I am not interested. I am less interested in ever watching this again.

Glad 2 c you got it right! With film special effects these days, there isn't a chance for another movie that will scare the world the way The Exorcist did when it came out! People throwing up or passing out it in theaters, or having priests or nuns blessing you before they went it! I don't think any movie can jump out of its genre so much & distant itself from any other movie compared to it! That bar was set in 1973 & any movie after that doesn't touch it. All other movies after that have room for different opinions that I can make a case for!

All the sequels sucked and were a joke. Why? Different director. But make no mistake, the original 1973 film remains the most profoundly disturbing, soul scorching film ever made. Add up all the best blood & guts slasher films and they still don't even fractionally approach the deep fear that The Exorcist evokes. Been my experience that those that laugh it off are either lying or insensitive dim bulbs.

This is the best, it brings up a subject that many movie creators are to scared to bring up but not this one. I believe that this is the scariest movie not only because of the well right out scariness, but for the Easter eggs hidden inside the movie. If you truly pay attention and get over the 90s kind of graphics this is a amazing movie. I love it and its great, great story line, great actors, great timing on just about everything, great character build, great climax build, great climax, and a beautiful ending to sum it all up

I still can't watch this movie in its entirety. I can watch zombie and other horror movies, even some give me nightmares, but this one brings a tangible evil into the room.

Do you know why it was the scariest move of all times besides special effects and plot? It supposedly happened to a boy in real life. It was a true story and it involves Satan and it could happen to anyone. THAT'S why it's SCARIEST movie of all time. I saw this movie when it came out in the summer of 73 when I was 15 years old in Red Bank, NJ and it effected me for weeks after. Another example; Look at the power and mastery of the Godfather. IMAGINE that impact in 1972. HUGELY powerful. Same with the Exorcist.

Scariest thing you will ever see! When I was little my mom would be watching this with my dad screaming in horror while my dad would look away and bite his lip in order to hold back his screams. When I watch it now I would say great storyline, plot, and special effects with thinking. I have watched this movie twice and trust me you don't want to see it a third!

When it came out in the theater, my boyfriend and I waited in line for over 2 blocks. Only made it halfway through before wanting to leave. He said hell no since we waited in such a long line. When I had to go to the bathroom I had to walk backwards out of the theater because if I turned my back I knew she would start growling again. Never watched it again.

Insidious, Annabelle, other horror films nowadays are extremely overrated. The Exorcist, The Shining and other old scary movies, on the other hand, are the definitions and worthy examples of Horror genre. They're all masterpieces with enough suspenses and creepy atmospheres to be appreciated. - TheRegular1227

The scariest movie ever, I saw this movie when I was a teenager and I am 46 years old now, I will never watch It again. Classic my children love it. They laugh at it, and call me a wimp. We have the movie and I don't want it in the same room with me. PITIFUL.

The mastery of what creeps you out is terribly on the spot it stuns you. The sound effect, the clever editing, the psychological elements all work together to grip your deepest deepest darket mot vulnerable fears and spill your guts to be terrorized further. If that is not scary nothing else will be. I saw it when I was younger and Regan's eyes haunted me all through the night.

Now, I'm 11yrs old and I just watched this movie, and honestly this is the most horrifying movie of all time. I search for grossness and gore in movies and this one has it all. What I like about is that it has gross scenes, and that spider walk is just utterly horrifying. It's just so perfect I can't even explain why it's so good, this deserves 5 stars and a thousand thumbs up. For someone who has a taste for demons and gore, this movie is right for you.

This is easily the best horror movie of all time. It's in a league of its own. It caused people to go back to church and sent some people to the psycho ward. It's not just a special effects movie. It plays on your mind. Best sound editing ever. BRILLIANT!

It really is a true stroke of genius. I heard the movie was cursed and while I haven't seen it yet that still freaked me out! I had to go through days without thinking about it. I'm ok now as long as I give my heart to jesus, pray every night, and accept the fact that it's only a movie.

I was only nine years old. The exorcist came to theaters. I worshiped the exorcist. I owned all exorcist merchandise. I pray to the exorcist every night for the wonderful childhood the exorcist has given me. I hear a deep voice in the corner. I hope it is satan. it is. I am happy. He throws me down and strips me down. My dad walks in. Satan looks at him and says "it's all ovee now" as he flies out the window. Satan is love, Satan is life!

Ugh! You disgust me! Satan tries to kill us all and you choose him over Jesus?! You are the most messed-up person out there, and you need help! - RedTheGremlin

This is by far the scariest movie ever made. It caused many people to question if it should even have been released. A lot of religious implications in the making of this film. I must have seen this film 100 times and still I'm amazed. IT IS A HORROR CLASSIC

Oh my god, I can't explain this film. I haven't actually seen it but I have seen clips and photos, and PHEW! Is that scary or what! I saw a clip where the girl Regan puked green acid (I think it was acid) but when she just lays in the bed and talks is scary enough.. - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

This movie is so scary that it haunted me to madness for 6 months! I couldn't watch my favorite movies or listen to my favorite music artists because I thought they were all possessed! The entire time it felt like I was going through purgatory.

First of all, demons are the things that scare me the most. I can sit through SAW and not vomit, but this... is different. I always have to look away at the... "scene where she has the cross", shall we say?

Was scared for years when I watched this. Then they re-release it with the backwards down the steps scene and terrifies me all over again. Hi-def ruined it though as the dark, gritty feeling disappeared and was replaced with crystal clear fake blood scenes.