The Grudge


Exorcist, the shining, nightmare on elm street. These films are not the scariest. People just vote for them because they're the stereotypical answers and just because people have this obsessive nostalgia to demand that 'old classic' is better. When really its not, its just older. This film is legit horrifying, seriously, this is pure hell. Like the singing isn't scary, the bad guy is just a dangerous crazy human. Humans are no where near as scary as supernatural horrifying demons. So these old 'classic' horror films don't compare to the likes of the grudge. Yeah they're classic, but is were actually talking about fear factor, this is number 1 and you have to go a long way down to find the stereotypical exorcist. Moral of this long boring lecture, just because its older doesn't mean it's better, let go of your nostalgic stereotype please thanks bye

To all the people over the age of 40 who are beholden to so-called "classics" such as the Exorcist and The Shining, yes those movies had their moments (well, The Shining did. The Exorcist is actually a comedy), this is much, much more scary. Just like technology has resulted in exponentially faster computers, similarly horror films have become exponentially scary. This is psychological horror, the focus is on manipulating YOU. All the buttons are pushed at the right times in order to disturb your very core. You can watch The Exorcist by yourself. You can not watch this film by yourself without weeks of paranoia afterwards.

This movie is often underrated because people automatically put "classics" such as the Shining or the Exorcist over it without giving it serious consideration.

This movie isn't just scary though, like either of those. It's truly terrifying, it easily can give someone nightmares for weeks. This is the movie that makes you afraid to turn the lights out to go to bed after you watch it. A true horror masterpiece.

I was rather unaware that so many other people were scarred by this movie, but I know it scared the bejeezus outta me and I couldn't sleep for days. That little girl with the *uhck* noise and the scene where her face pops out from the corner... God I'm still paranoid about closets and attics because of her. NOT TO WATCH ALONE UNLESS YOU'RE CHUCK NORRIS

The Grudge, in my opinion, is the most disturbing film in the world, Kayako is so freaky, along with Toshio, after the first time I watched it, I had to check practically, my whole house for ghosts, that's childish but true. I strongly urge more people to vote for the grudge as the scariest movie ever or so far.

I always regret watching it because it's so damn scary but really interesting! For one's who are horror fans then you should definitely watch this but... NOT ALONE! And watch it at your own risk, you will find it hard to sleep then! - andeeshsyed

When I watched the grudge, I couldn't get it out of my head and I couldn't sleep very well. I watched it with my friend and we're both going as her for Halloween! Very, very, very scary film, I'm never watching it again!

the grudge is the whole friggen definition of scary but people are right it is a movie that you should not watch alone I am 11 and I watched it on friday 13th... BIG MISTAKE! but I wasnt watching it alone I was watching it with like 13 more people 3 adults and 10 kids just like me.

That attic scene in the beginning scared the flying crap out of me... right when I got back home from watching it I had to immediately ask my parents which closet is our attic door in before feeling relieved knowing that its my parents' closet...

This wasn't as scary as most of the other movies on here, but at least it was made to look stupid, which makes it hilariously scary. My favorite scene is when the grudge lifts up the covers on the bed and does the groan, like she's saying, "Girl, what you doing' under there? " That made all of us bust up.

Japanese version is scarier than the English version. I love horror movies and this film is definitely one of the best I've seen.

I had to keep all my closet lights on in my room for weeks. I often just slept with my lights on because I was so scared! I highly recommend watching this movie. This is also much much scarier than the 2nd movie, and I wouldn't recommend watching it.

I only saw the trailer and I got to scared to watch the movie I screamed when the trailer came on. I would hate the movie if I see it it will be to scary for me to see the movie I think I will be scared to go to bed at night and I barley get scared of anything.

I watched this movie over 30 times now and I swear it still frightens the hell out of me. You just can't watch it alone, no way... I love the Exorcist, the Ring, the Descent, the Amityville Horror etc etc but this one is really the most frightening for me!

How the hell are cheesy slasher films like halloween and friday the 13th above this true nightmare, the shining and nightmare on elm street aren't scary at all unless you're a 10 year old. The only one that is even 1/10 as scary as this is the exorcist.

Every single time I watch this movie, it scares the hell out of me! Even though I know what's going to happen next, I always end up having nightmares and not sleeping for a couple of days. Sometimes I feel so scared to even go to the bathroom! - madameRed

I watched this movie (all three of them) more than 5 times and it scaret me every time. I couldn't open my eyes at night because I thought that she will be there when I open my eyes. And I was also afraid to look outside in the bus because there's that scene when she shows up in the window.

This was the first horror movie to actually scare me. The ghosts are creepy as hell especially the sound they make. Urgh. Also shining scared the crap out of me as well. Those are the only ones to do so.

I find it funny that people act like 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' or 'The Shining' is frightening.

I, myself, found them to be boring and amusing.

Although, I remember seeing 'The Grudge' when I was twelve; by far, the scariest of them all.

I'm only 12 I watched this when I was nine I literally pissed on myself when I saw the grudge keep coming back to life. My stupid self watched 2 and 3 after that. I kinda felt bad for what happened to them though.

This movie took a common, usually ordinary feeling, and turned it into the scariest thing you'd ever think about. Even though it didn't have so much scary scenes in it, I actually got really scared.

Watched the first 20mins years ago... Could never finish it. Scared me, no other movie ever had such an impact on me, not nightmare on elm street, or exorcist or whatever. It awakened so many fears I never had before. Was afraid of darkness, hallways, looking into windows and mirrors. thinking or talking about it still raises this fear in me and creates those images in my mind, even today.

Like yeah, I can't even look at our cd of this cause it gives me the creeps. And I can't think of another movie that can give me a traumatic experience like what this movie gave to me. Ever

I still can't get that creepy, creaking, gargling sound out of my head. The Grudge was an edge-of-the-seat, fright film that lingered too long for comfort after it was done. Both the Ring and Sinister get honorable mentions.

Scary as crap seriously and I only watched a minute of it ahh. I had nightmares for weeks and weeks after that. I really was glad I had basketball practice after that so I could get it out of my head