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201 The Final Destination

Such a wonderful movie after watching this I did not slept for at-least 1 weak

202 Antichrist
203 Eraserhead

This is an film very interesting... I have dark emotios while the baby fish scene

204 The Gingerbread Man

Amazing this film what year was it made?

205 Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend
206 Saw II
207 Silent Night, Deadly Night

What the heck?! This one is a parody of both Halloween and Christmas, but only scarier!

208 Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Gave me nightmares for 7 weeks

This movie is scary it gave me mares

Ummm this isn't scary or even a horror film - cadespencer

so creepy

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209 The Messengers

This is the most scary movie I've watched. Specially the things in the basement. I would recommend to watch this with friends its really fun. At least give the trailer a shot and trust me you wont be disappointed

OK... Everyone this is not a scary movie its just that I love Kristen Stewart. The concept was scary though, I love this film. If you want a real scary movie you should see Urban Legends Bloody Mary! It creeped the heck out of me, I couldn't sleep alone for months! The messengers is good though

210 Lights Out

It's been a long time since I've actually jumped by an unexpected slam or loud noise. They did a great job on lights out. It was short but had a good storyline!

Actually got scared watching this one. Great effects nothing looked fake at all!

If I was Rebecca, and my friend was Diana, I'd rather piss on her so she can vanish.

This kept me awake for longer than both conjurings.

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211 Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

What? This movie sucked. It looked more like a terrible parody movie.

This movie was so gay.

What? What is this listed as scary for. Action is not scary. - utahman1971

Not scary at all.

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212 Black Christmas (2006)

Laugh out loud scary ass movie because it could happen when I saw it I looked to see if there's any mental institutions near my house

Disturbing but original is actually scarier

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213 Inside Out

I can't even look at the box art and still not be terrified this movie had me hanging on the edge of my seat with all of its suspense I'd recommend watching it but for the love of god not alone

This isn't scary at all!

Whoever voted this is just scared of Jangles the clown. - BlueSheepYT

4scqry6me - AlphaQ

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214 Cabin Fever
215 Final Destination 2

Very Scary. People seeing their death, scary.

216 Cool Cat Saves the Kids

Daddy Derek spooked me. - Dawscr

If your looking for nightmare fuel check this one out.

This looks so innocent am I missing something here? - lucario_ninetales

3scary5me - AlphaQ

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217 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

I once had a friend who watched this, he is in a mental asylum and he's been screaming and crying for 4 years now. This should be #1 - Yatagarasu

Nick put this on the list because of that giant chicken (I mean the character named Nick not Nickelodeon themselves) - BlueSheepYT

Please tell me all the comments on this page are sarcastic - cadespencer

This isn't even a horror movie - cadespencer

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218 Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat

Lol why is this on the list

This was really scary, I had nightmares for almost 5 years.

It is scary as heck

I watched this movie when I was 9 when it first came out in 2003 and I loved it. Now after rewatching it I hate it. It's so pedophilic and his laugh is so scary. Horrible

219 The Angry Birds Movie

This movie isn't even scary. Lol.

Scared the crap out of me - ljj81

The pigs give me nightmares because I font want one to sit on me. - AlphaQ

The pigs put this on the list - BlueSheepYT

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220 Son of the Mask

A slow clap goes to the brilliant bastard who put this as a newcomer for the list.

Freaky as Hell


Very scary movie..and it makes u feel irritated too..

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