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241 Alien Resurrection

The best alien movie ever S. Weaver looks extra ugly - MissAngel

242 Godzilla

As far as CGI goes, (i.e. computer generated images), this far excels all other Godzilla movies ever made. It has action, adventure, a few jumps here and there and Matthew Broderick does a pretty good job. Godzilla is the true star of the film and wished there was a sequel with the same actors. The new recent Godzilla that fights the two other male and female monsters is decent but for some reason, I prefer this one because it's not quite so "dark" and I thought the cast was great and it has elements of humor needed for any sci-fi or horror movie to succeed. Fun to watch more than once. Fun to put on and fall asleep to or if you simply like to watch something big take a bite out of the big apple and destroy stuff.

Sure, Godzilla could be scary but's awesome at the same time! - airplain313

Oh, boy. Every time I hear Godzilla make that sound, I just wanna JUMP OUT OF MY SEAT!

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243 Billy Madison

So bad it's scary.

Scarier than The Exorcist! 0-0

His teeth are scary. - AlphaQ

Funniest ever! :-) :-)

244 Split

Brilliant! James Mcavoy was so good, he shocked me

I loved the acting.


NO! This film is utter trash with boring characters, clich├ęd writing, bad editing and an utterly dumb climax. I personally want to smoke whatever the critics were when claiming something this bad was Shyamalan's return to form. - Mrveteran

245 Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party

Without a doubt

Gave me nightmares :(

HAHAAHAH YES - DogmeatAndRex

246 It (2017)

Should be higher than the original - SoloPotato

Scary - PeeledBanana

247 Dragonball: Evolution

The scariest movie of all time ohmygod couldn't sleep for days had to see a therapist

Not scary, just godawful. - Extractinator04

248 The Possession of Joel Delaney
249 Primeval
250 The Haunting in Connecticut

DISTURBING AS HELL. Sleeping after is difficult. Watching with friends is advised. Its got creep factor, and the jump scares (that are actually built up quite well). The ending is terrifyingly disturbing/creepy. Why its sow low on here I don't know, but it makes Insidious look like child's play.

Really disturbing. I don't want to get cancer not because I might die, but because this might be able to happen. Imagine holding human eyelids and thinking that they are butterfly wings...

It's movie is so scary

251 The Possession

No it's The Exorcism of John Winchester

The box is freaky

I've seen this movie on SYFY & CHILLER.

The Exorcism of Negan

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252 Foodfight!

I'm In Stitches Now (Means I Laughed So Damn Hard) - JPK

Gave me nightmares of its bad animation - ikerevievs


253 Sharknado

How do sharks breathe in air?

Skyrim belongs to the Nords

254 The Shallows
255 My Little Eye

I cannot see anyway

256 Ghost Ship

Someone get the canon

257 Mirage (1990)
258 The Number 23

Pete Hammond Maxim:"Mind-Bending! A Must See Movie"
Jeffery Lyons NBC's Reel Talk:" A Genuine, Intelligent, Scary Thriller.
Walter Sparrow (Jim Carrey) is obssed with the number 23. Relating it his life & life ityself seeing vit it as symbolic. Soon it was all over his body & his mind. Watch it'll scare you & make your mind wonder all at the same time. Trust me I watched. you can by with thew Infinifilm feature. watch the move. then the Infinifilm.

It's interesting how this movie is centered around the 23 enigma. A conspiracy theory where it is believed that everything revolving around life and the universe is connected to the number 23.

259 Anaconda

if you Can't breathe you can't scream.

Not scary just really how annoying how the snake wouldn't die - kaisietoo

Don't want none till you got cinnamon buns

260 King Kong

Not too many out there that enjoy black and white films anymore. So sad. It's a cultural testimony that has something to do with unenlightened rebellious youth that says everything has to be instantly gratifying and spontaneously satisfying and in color or right now or done yesterday. The original King Kong was only about 9 inches tall and they used stop motion photography which meant they would shoot a frame and move the puppet or figure just a little and then shoot another frame. This took weeks to shoot just a few minutes and had to be repeated if not done correctly. I can only hope there are those young people out there that appreciate black and white films especially the really so bad their good black and white monster films like, The Giant Claw, From Hell It Came, and Robot Monster. Truly awful but so much fun to watch and unintentionally funny. However if you have to watch color, watch the most recent King Kong. That is a great King Kong movie. This one on the cover is the ...more

It was really those native warriors that gave me the heebie-jeebies!

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