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321 Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope

The reason Star Wars A New Hope is on here is because of that one scene where the Death Star destroyed Alderaan, you know that billions of lives were on it and they were taken in that moment, you don't see anything like that on The Exorcist do you?

Who is on enough drugs to even consider this a horror film?

Not a scary one, But hey look the Whinny Kid Again! wawawa

322 World War Z

This one got me a couple of times, what if they were that fast? no one would survive unless you are Brad Pitt and his family.

I remember this movie when I was kid, The stair part got me jumpscare for all times. - LapisBob

323 Dracula

I have not watched it but my friend told me about it and it almost made me shiver

324 Darkness (2002)
325 The People Under the Stairs
326 Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas
327 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
328 The Chosen
329 Leprechaun

Mhm, the death-by-inflation scene was a good one

Hahaaa. Oh yeah, so terrifying! - kaisietoo

330 The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! V 1 Comment
331 Sinister (2012)

It was very scary when I watch it for the 1st time...go for it

332 Tremors

This one should be much higher on this list - cadespencer

333 Sleepy Hollow
334 Funny Games
335 Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back

It's the scariest movie of all time, guys. The exorcist is for children.

The part in the space slug

Hey you idiot this isn't a scary movie it's a classic along with other Star Wars movies.


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336 The Fog (1980)

Can't believe this isn't on your list. Should be n top ten, if not number 1

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337 The Last House On the Left (1972)

This movie is very disturbing to watch - Sabbath

Wes Craven's first movie

338 Phenomena / Creepers
339 A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

Very Dark and great scary atmosphere.

340 Frankenstein (1931)
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