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321 The Card Player The Card Player
322 Strangeland Strangeland
323 Night of the Creeps Night of the Creeps
324 Teeth Teeth

Scariest movie ever made just thrifying thought of a woman biting off my penis is horrifying amd I wasnt even scared of paranormal. Activity

325 The Healing
326 Forget Me Not Forget Me Not
327 One Missed Call One Missed Call
328 One Dark Night One Dark Night

Cannot believe this wasn't in the list in the first place!
When I was 8, it made me horrified, and now I am 32 cannot watch it whole while alone... Believe me, it is a must see.

329 Irreversible Irreversible
330 Underworld Awakening Underworld Awakening

It was not frightening but still very interesting

Good action and she is such a HOTTIE!

331 Zombie Zombie
332 Van Helsing Van Helsing

Non stop action through out, many monsters. This one will keep you engaged

! Flying vampires! I rememebr the scene where a cow was flung! Gosh! What a scary one

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333 Monster House Monster House

This film is way too scary and intense for kids. I would not ever show my kids this because of how frightning it is. I'm not even lying. Go watch the movie yourself and see what I mean.

Not scary what are you talking about

Love this movie so scary DON'T SHOW YOUR KIDS its to scary.

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334 Open Water 2 - Adrift Open Water 2 - Adrift
335 Scary Movie 2 Scary Movie 2
336 Lost Highway Lost Highway
337 Dorian Gray Dorian Gray

It was about 1945, I was 13, my sister and I went to the movie in Topeka Kansas. The movie haunted me for years. 70 years later and I still do not want to see that movie again.

338 Legion Legion
339 300 300

People! It's a movie about ancient greek history. How scarred can you get?

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340 Scary Movie 3 Scary Movie 3
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